Work/Life Balance: If life is a pie, how big is each slice?

In today’s fast-paced, career-oriented world, it can be difficult for young professionals to maintain a steady balance between work and well, everything else. Everyone needs some sort of balance in their life to function at their optimal level.

This generation has so many opportunities in terms of post secondary education, jobs abroad, industry specializations, and more which is fantastic for our society. That being said, I do think that sometimes we get too carried away with what we are going to become, so that somehow our career path has also turned into a path to define who we are.

Now I am not discrediting the fact that many people do discover a lot about themselves through their career journey – I think this comes naturally and is a very important aspect of life. What I am saying is that chasing after your dream career by reading, watching, listening, eating, breathing, and dreaming it with little attention to anything else can get the best of you.

I don't believe that spending all hours of the day working towards your career goals is the best use of your time. Draw a limit for yourself so that you can nurture those other parts of your life that have helped you get to where you are now. I believe that a work/life balance is the best recipe for optimal productivity, success, and happiness.

I challenge you to take some time this holiday season (and I know that it can be one of the busiest!) to think about what is lacking in your balance. We have many parts to our lives that make up a great deal of who we are, and sometimes we can forget about them and focus mostly on that slice of our lives that keeps us in the office 8 (or 11!) hours every day.

Try drawing a “life pie” that demonstrates how much energy you spend on each part of your life:

  1. Career
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. You Time (this can be anything! Exercising, reading, drawing, designing, whatever you do to relax and re-charge)

* feel free to add more slices or change some around, but keep work/school in there.

Here is mine:

My Current Life Pie









Take a look at your life pie, is there anywhere that you wish you could be spending more energy? If so, draw your ultimate life pie, to show the levels of energy you would like to be spending on each.

Here is my ultimate life pie:

my ultimate life pie

Some food for thought. I put my life pies on my fridge to remind myself to nurture those aspects in my life that aren't getting enough attention, so that I can be my best in all slices of life.

I wish you all an amazing holiday season, and I hope that you will take some extra time to nurture yourself and the other equally as important parts of your life. Once you are balanced, I bet you will see amazing things happen with your career success, networking, relationships, mental, and physical health.

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