Why Action Doesn’t Result in Success

Action gets results, but clarity creates success.

Have you ever been so busy that you haven't had time to think? Do you take the approach that, as long as you're moving, something good will happen? If so, you're not alone.

We are an action-oriented culture. We embrace and idolize busy schedules, we actively seek out “things to do” and generally push ourselves to be more productive. We want more from our lives and proactively challenge ourselves in new and invigorating ways. We want to feel alive and experience all that life has to offer and we are driving ourselves harder and harder to make sure that we don't miss a thing.

And we have been incredibly successful at it! We are arguably the busiest and most productive generation in history.

So, here you are, driving hard and doing all the right things, and yet, you're still not experiencing the results you expected. You don't feel successful.

Sound familiar? Looking around, have you noticed that this is a familiar theme? Everyone is busy. Everyone is constantly in action, striving for better results. Productivity is everywhere.

That's the thing they don't tell you about the expression above. Action DOES get results … however, those results may not be the results you want, or the level of results you expect.

To get THOSE results, you have to be crystal clear on who you are, what you stand for, what your true value is, and what contribution you want to make. Only then can you harness the power of action to generate the results that will create your success.

So to kick start a remarkable and successful 2013, take time to get clear by taking these steps:

1) Identify your Top 5: What's important to you? Not wish-list things, but those things that you would fight to keep or to have. Do you already have them? If you do, what can you do to strengthen them and make them even more meaningful? If not, what has to change to ensure that you honour these things today and always?

2) Set Boundaries: Where are you being pulled away from your priorities? Where are you compromising and sacrificing what's important to you? Develop strategies for how you can start to retreat and reduce your involvement in these areas. Make room for things that matter.

3) Identify Deliverables: What do you want others to be able to count on you for? Are you doing those things now? If not, where are you compromising? What can you do to develop greater consistency and strength in these areas?

4) Develop a “Contribution Mind-Set”: There are many different ways to contribute … which can be quite different from ways to give. Giving to a cause feels good. Contributing to a cause is gratifying. Take time to really clarify the impact that you would like to have on the Greater Good. What role can you play today? How can you start contributing to that cause now so that you can start to have the impact you want to have over your lifetime?

Once you are clear, you will be able to focus your actions to generate the results you want. The only results that really matter. And who knows, you might even end up with a little extra time on your hands.

To your success!

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  1. Teri Conrad January 31, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    Boy are you talking my language! I just wrote about this (well sort of) …the idea of “how relevant am I” … am I actually contributing value or just noise. Great post Michele!

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