What are the Top 10 Networking Challenges?


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After reaching our 500th networking tip (Free Positive Networking® Tip+) we figured we should ask our readers what challenges they have when it comes to networking.  These were their biggest challenges:

Top Ten Networking Challenges

  1. Being shy or introverted
  2. Getting up the nerve to speak to strangers
  3. Breaking into a group
  4. Small talk
  5. Awkward encounters
  6. Exiting conversations gracefully
  7. Time and cost to network
  8. Finding appropriate events
  9. Maintaining the relationship
  10. Thinking you don’t have much to contribute

So, we decided that the best way to answer these ten challenges would be to create a free e-book, Top Networking Challenges Solved! Maybe some of these answers will be helpful for you, or someone on your team?

Only Ten Challenges?

These top ten challenges were only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.  We received over a hundred challenges, so over the next few months we will continue to answer these challenges in our free weekly tips.

Have You Got a Challenge?

Send us an email and we’ll answer it for you.  In the email let us know if you want your name used or not.

Download this Free e-book: Top Networking Challenges Solved!

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