We Retain Just 25% of What We Hear, by Featured Writer: Lisa Martin

LisaMartin_HSPurple-300x300Sound expert and TEDTalker Julian Treasure believes, “We are losing our listening.”

He says the visual and auditory cacophony that bombards us daily is wearing us thin. We’re too tired to listen. Our poor brains are overwhelmed with digital stimulation from our computer screens, smartphones, TVs and every imaginable form of advertising. Putting all of that on pause to listen intently to another human being is becoming harder and harder.

Treasure says that without keen listening, we lose the ability to understand each other. And where is this world headed with less understanding?

In his TedTalk, he offers 5 simple exercises to help you improve your conscious listening abilities. I highly recommend spending 8 minutes to watch this video.

About Lisa Martin, PCC

Lisa Martin is a leadership coach, speaker and author who has been helping people thrive for the past 15 years.  If you’re ready to take your leadership and life to the next level, contact her at

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