Vancouver Enterprising Moms Network – Event Review by Guest Blogger: Tracey Rossignol

Vancouver Enterprising Moms Network – Event Review
By Guest Blogger: Tracey Rossignol

One of my favourite networking groups is the Vancouver Enterprising Moms Network (Van EMN).   I find the monthly meetings of female entrepreneurs, many of us moms, nice and intimate at 20-30 women per meeting.  I really enjoy the mix of existing members and guests.   I find at other networking events that you might get to know a lot of people a little bit. This format has allowed me to also grow a great network of women I know well.  And we all seem to have become cheerleaders for each other’s business.  Plus the new guests (your first meeting is always free) provide an opportunity to meet other women and expand my network.   It also doesn’t hurt that for some reason or another there is almost always chocolate.

The format for the monthly meetings allows for networking, a speaker relevant to helping us build our business and small round table groups where we can discuss specific business issues.  In June our speaker Kacia Rachfall spoke about “Retrain Your Inner Critic as Your Best Cheerleader”.  I believe many small business owners, in particular women, suffer from that inner critic.  We hold ourselves back because of pre-conceived notions of what we are capable of doing.

Kasia practices Neuro Linguistic Programming.  And I’ll be honest the science behind her coaching sort of made my marketing brain hurt.  But she had some great practical advice and made us ask ourselves some tough questions (even if you don’t understand the science behind her approach).

Some of her guiding principles:

–          We all have unlimited possibilities or untapped potential waiting to be discovered

–          Self awareness and self understanding are key

–          Commitment to excellence

–          Accountability

–          Happiness and success are self fulfilling

Her first question was do we know what we want?  If she handed us the perfect solution today would we recognize it?    Look closely at what is not working and why in your business.  What is standing in your way?  And then plan out what you want to do and NOT what you can do.   This point was particularly relevant for me.  I often limit myself by what I think I can accomplish.  That type of thinking might be holding me back.

Requisites for Change

1.       Remove the mental barrier – review your beliefs without judgment to see what is holding you back

2.       Focus on what you want

3.       Make conscious choices, take action and course correct as necessary

Another point that hit home for me was that “positive thinking doesn’t work without understanding and changing underlying issues.”   Just saying “I’m awesome” doesn’t make it true if you don’t truly believe that is the case.  Find out why you think you can’t succeed and then kick that negative talk to the curb.   When you truly believe, so will everyone else around you – especially your clients.

I almost always leave the VAN EMN meetings recharged and inspired to do new things. This month was no different.

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