Tweetups are serious business, by Guest Blogger: Shannon Richardson

Tweetups are Serious Business
By Guest Blogger: Shannon Richardson
Account Manager, 6s Marketing

Yes, the word Tweetup sounds ridiculous and really how are people supposed to take you seriously when you tell them you are going to a Tweetup? But Tweetups are fantastic ways to network and be a part of the community!

First of all – what is a Tweetup?

According to Vancouver Tweetup a Tweetup is:

§  A gathering of people who use Twitter

§  It can be a general geographic Tweetup like a Tweetup of people in Vancouver

§  It can be a Tweetup for a cause where Twitter friends organize a get together to do something for the community

§  It can be topical such as a Tweetup for martial artists, cyclists or people who are in the social media scene

§  It’s about the fact that when we get offline and meet in person it cements relationships and builds community

§  An Event that Usually lasts from 1 to 3 hours

A Tweetup is not:

§  An event where you pull people in from Twitter to pitch or sell them something

§  A seminar event

§  A tradeshow or multi-day event

§  A general community event like a sports event, lecture etc.(it’s called a Tweetup because it’s people on Twitter connecting in real life)

How do I find a Tweetup?

The best place to find Tweetups in Vancouver is Vancouver Tweetup or go to and search: Tweetupnear:Vancouver. From there you can find the Tweetups that are around topics that interest you.

If you are already using Twitter for networking by following and engaging with people in your industry then finding Tweetups that interest you will be easy to find.

What kind of people go to Tweetups?

No – Tweetups are not full of geeky people on their phones.  Ok so some of us are on our phones but that’s just so we can tweet about how much fun the Tweetup is… duh. There are all kinds of people that go to Tweetups, anyone from realtors to marketing professionals to educators to mechanics to business owners to students. The thing that ties everyone together is Twitter. Unlike other events that are tailored to a specific demographic, Tweetups bring a wide variety of people together all in one room.

What goes on at Tweetups?

Tweetups are great excuses to finally meet the people that you have been engaging with on Twitter in person and really that is the one and only agenda of a Tweetup. Just like some people say Twitter is like a cocktail party well Tweetups are the real cocktail party. It’s your chance to mingle in real life.

I’ve been to quite a few Tweetups. There was a hockey Tweetup during the Olympics where anyone was welcome to come down to the Caprice nightclub and watch a Canada hockey game on the big screen TV. I’ve been to an “Its Wednesday night and its summer let’s get together on a patio” Tweetup. The Vancouver Canucks teamed up with Boston Pizza and started having Tweetups when the Canucks play away at Boston Pizza locations. NASA just announced today that there will be a NASA Tweetup to watch the shuttle take off.

One of the biggest Tweetups of the year is Twestival, which happens one day a year globally. It harnesses the power of social media to help support local causes.  On March 24th of this year Vancouver’s Twestivalover 200 people came out and helped to raise over $8K for Beauty Night Society a charity which helps to build self esteem and change lives for women living in poverty through wellness, life skills development and makeovers.

I’ve always had a fantastic time at Tweetups and have come away getting to meet people that I was engaging with on Twitter in real life. I have then gone on to form great friendships and business opportunities from these events.

The next big Vancouver Tweetup –Mother of All Tweetupsis June 1st and the best part is the $5.00 cover charge goes towards raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you don’t mind putting your Twitter handle on your nametag instead of your real name then you should come out and go to your first Tweetup! I promise you will have a good time and meet some great people.

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