Tuesday, March 20th

Tuesday, March 20th

Name + title:  Judy Brooks, Co-Founder Blo Blow Dry Bar; Chief of Staff, Nurse Next Door; Partner Bravo Lima Oscar

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Why it's important to support other women: I have a (fabulous) daughter so I feel a responsibility to support young women in particular.  I think it is necessary for people to support people period.  But, when you have shared experiences, I think it even is more important.  So the fact that as a woman, you will share with others like experiences, is one of the gifts we can give one another.  Women learn by stories, talking and sharing.

Why Judy rocks: I am on the Board of Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Young Women in Business, (SBBC and Nurse Next Door too) as well as a number of other private businesses – most of which have women Founders.  I spend at least 5 hours each week mentoring women – and have been lucky enough to see many start and grow fabulous businesses, or soar in the professional careers.

Recommends: I have to recommend FWE and YWiB, but there are so many organizations in Vancouver that support women and all are worth while and wonderful (PWN, YES!, MomCafe, to name a few).

Words to live by: My favourite quotes change but the one I think rings true, and is difficult to accept, especially for woman, as we feel we need to get it right it is: “Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions” (Men don't seem to dwell on their bad decisions as much!)

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