Top Tweets from the OMG Social Media Conference

OMGThe first ever OMG Social Media Conference kicked off this past Thursday, August 15th. The event brought together over 100 small business owners and social media enthusiasts. With 6 industry leaders and 10 social media experts present, attendees had an opportunity to learn how to formulate and execute an effective social media plan.

It was surprising to find out that this was the first event put on by the OMG Social Media team. Not only was this event packed with informative speakers, it was also well organized and engaging. In addition, networking breaks were scheduled throughout the day allowing participants time to connect with others at the conference, ask questions and gather notes. The SFU Segal School of Business, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, was a perfect location for such an event and the room was buzzing as people gathered to be educated on social media strategies for small business. The OMG team did a great job on creating a fun atmosphere and supportive learning environment.

Here is our list of the Top 15 tweets from the #OMGConf on August 15th, highlighting some of the important nuggets of information everyone received from the event:

  • OMGmedia: With social media, you need to have a communication strategy. You need to know what to say – @georgemoen #OMGConf
  • glenhombre: The key to your future is your shared Rolodex. And associate with people smarter than you. – @georgemoen #OMGConf
  • InkPadStudios: “Know your brand, understand your goal, and build your strategy around your goal” – @connor_g #OMGConf #socialmedia #inspiring
  • wongers: Regardless of what your strategy is. It is always about the numbers, the bottom line, and what ends up in your bank account. #OMGconf
  • alvinlala: It's important to listen to people. Dont talk at people. Engage, answer questions, and always ask questions #OMGconf
  • mrjeremywong: Be consistent online and offline for your biz! “Be yourself”! #omgconf
  • NitaVenter: #OMGCONF @meenasandhu Get Organized.Are you making lists.
Keep your social channels active and engaged
  • CurveComms: Match content to platform. Facebook is more visual, for example. Try not to duplicate content across platforms: @meenasandhu #OMGConf
  • MeganRendell: “People really want to know who you are first – what you do second.” @boscoanthony #OMGConf
  • lessyyuen: ‘Conversion tip: Make sure your call to action is visible' – @boscoanthony #omgconf
  • OMGmedia: If you understand the behaviour of your consumers, it becomes a lot easier to market to them – @boscoanthony #OMGconf #bosco
  • natbot7: We're all focused on writing content, but you have to make sure you know where your market hangs out @boscoanthony #OMGConf
  • Haywirewine: .@boscoanthony: “content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign!” #OMGConf
  • jasonkim92: Think like a publisher, a storyteller, an artist… not like a marketer. @boscoanthony #OMGconf
  • Spennynub: How many platforms should you use? It depends on your market, each one must have a purpose. @boscoanthony #OMGConf


We look forward to next year's OMG Social Media Conference!


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  1. Karina Eva (@KaRiNa_EvA) August 20, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    I missed the conference due to previous commitments but I hope I can make it to next year’s OMG conference.My favorite tweet “People really want to know who you are first – what you do second.” via @boscoanthony

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