Tips, tricks and hidden gems of social media: an ISES event re-cap

Tips, tricks and hidden gems of social media: an ISES event re-cap by Chelsie Aichelberger

Tuesday, Nov. 27th was my first time attending an event at the International Special Events Society, Canada (ISES), and it ranked above and beyond my expectations. Hosted at the very top of the Hyatt Regency hotel, members were invited to share appies and cocktails while looking over the beautiful lights of downtown Vancouver. Right away I was meeting new people, exchanging business cards, and learning about the amazing things ISES does for the special events industry.

After an hour or so of networking, we moved into the conference room to take in the master series seminar: Learn to bolster your business using the world of social media led by Liz King of Liz King Events (from New York) and Tahira Endean, Director of Creative and Production at Cantrav.

Blogging was up first. We learned how important it is to develop your brand, and how it happens naturally as followers will begin to recognize your voice and topics. Liz and Tahira kept reiterating: Don’t worry too much about “what” you are blogging about! It could be about anything that interests you and a great way to start is by writing about your profession.

Hidden Gem: Tahira wrote a post one morning about how different events can be compared to different types of cookies (macaroons, Oreos, etc.). An event company loved her analogy, and contacted her asking to use her blog post content as an advertisement!

Next up was Twitter. Liz and Tahira explained the beauty of hashtags and how to use them to find interesting and relevant topics and to reinforce your brand. Tahira swears by the favourites tool (something I definitely want to use more often!) because it’s a great way to flag tweets and links that interest you, and go back to them later. Liz also told us about how she uses streams in HootSuite to separate “the good stuff from the noise” to find valuable content in a fraction of the time.

Hidden Gem: Liz and Tahira met on twitter. This led them to become business partners and life-long friends.

Liz and Tahira also touched on company Facebook pages and LinkedIn. They explained on where to draw the line between personal and professional relationships on Facebook. Ask yourself: “would I go for a beer with them?” if the answer is no, it’s best not to let them into your personal network. Liz had some great advice on how to make you standout on LinkedIn.

Hidden Gem: LinkedIn is a perfect was to showcase what makes you unique. Instead of using it to rehash your resume, use it to show your personality and interests as well as your professional experience. Check out Liz king’s page form some ideas.

Last, but not least, we finished up the discussion with some valuable information about Pinterest and Loveit – both great tools to showcase photography, themes, and ideas that surround your brand. Many l corporate companies have proven results that using images on social media increases sales and

After attending this ISES event I have tons of new ideas on how to leverage social media to promote my personal brand – the evening was nothing less than informative and inspiring! I highly recommend ISES for anyone who is interested in meeting top class professionals in the events industry. Whether
your there to learn more about a career in event planning, or interested in building your network with friendly, intelligent people who are well connected, ISES events are the right place to be.

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