March 8th

Name + title: Jill Earthy, Director, BC & Yukon at Canadian Youth Business Foundation

On supporting women: Women supporting women is essential for the evolution of our community and economy.  We all know the benefits of having equal representation of men and women everywhere including the Boardroom table.  We need to work together and bring younger women up the ranks with us, and hold onto those ahead of us.  By continually lifting each other up, and engaging men in this process as well, I believe we will see change.

How Jill contributes! I am an active participate (& Co-founder) of The WEB, an alliance of women’s business networks.  The purpose of this group is to bring representation from the many other women’s business networks on a quarterly basis together to learn from other other and to collaborate, better supporting women in all areas of business and beyond.  In addition, I sit on a number of committees and mentor several women including one through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.  Mentorship is critical to supporting women and I believe it is the duty of everyone to seek out a Mentor for themselves but more importantly, to be a Mentor to those coming up behind us.  If we create an evolving circle of support, powerful change will happen.

Words to live by:  My favourite quote by  Madeleine Albright “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

Vancouver is a collaborative community with a variety of resources available.  Some of my favourite groups include;

–          FWE, of course
–          Professional Women’s Network
–          Canadian Women’s Foundation
–          Women’s Executive Network
–          momcafé, a network supporting professionally minded Moms
–          & all of the other great groups listed on

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