The Top 5 Smart Products Your Business Needs And you can get them all on Amazon!

black friday With Black Friday sales approaching and the holidays quickly proceeding, it’s time to start thinking about the products you want to pick up for the office or your business!

For the tech-gurus on your team, any of these smart home products are sure to impress. What’s even better is you can order them from the comfort of your desk – on Amazon! Shopping on your lunch break has never been smarter!


  1. Amazon Echo

Amazon’s flagship smart speaker is compatible with its virtual assistant software ‘Alexa’. With simple voice commands, the Amazon Echo can play music, set alarms, answer questions, and control other smart home devices! Can someone say “Alexa, order me an Amazon Echo, stat!”?

Amazon Echo

  1. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Compatible with the Amazon Echo, Philips Smart Bulbs set the mood for any meeting. Whether it’s a potential new client coming in for a meeting or Friday afternoon drinks, these LED lights are easily controlled by voice commands and can be customized to fit any setting.


  1. Mysa Smart Thermostat

Save some coin this winter by picking up a smart thermostat! Aside from the convenience of remote climate control, Mysa’s smart thermostat helps you reduce your energy consumption by turning off the heat at the end of the workday, weekends and holidays!


  1. Teckin Smart Plug

A small but mighty accessory, the Teckin Smart Plug, allows you to remote control or voice control lights, electronics, and anything that plugs in. You can set timers for your desk lamp to turn on, schedules for the coffee maker, or turn on the news from your phone before you get into the office!


  1. August Smart Lock

Great for offices with employees who work different schedules, the August smart lock allows you to lock and unlock the door from your smartphone. Approved team members, contractors, or guests can download the app and the smart lock will lock automatically behind them as they leave or unlock as they approach the door!


If you’re thinking that it’s about time you ‘smarten’ up your office, then now is the time! If you already have the latest gadgets, this list might help you with some early Christmas shopping

Written by Jelly Marketing 

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