The importance of first impressions

Most of us know the power of a first impression – eye contact, firm handshake, bright smile. But, do we put enough importance on our appearance when it comes to first impressions? In a city like Vancouver where so many of us either work from home, or in very casual offices, after work networking events or drinks with friends can sometimes look like the “before” in a What Not to Wear episode.

The importance of a polished, industry-appropriate wardrobe cannot be overstated when it comes to first impressions, job interviews, networking opportunities, and simply putting your best foot forward in your career.

West 4th Avenue boutique, Twist Fashions, offers the working professional woman a one-stop shopping experience that will have you styled and wardrobed (whatever your profession – lawyer, graphic designer, or full-time mom) in 45 minutes flat. Their knowledgeable stylisvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736');link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href');} ts know the boutique’s inventory inside and out – and can easily pin point which cuts, fits and styles will work best for your body, and your lifestyle. Even better? They offer complimentary tailoring on one item each time you shop.

Networking in Van will be featuring a monthly style blog from Twist Fashionsvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736');link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href');} , highlighting new looks from the store, as well as tips for dressing your best at work.

Stay tuned!

Twist Fashions is located at 2952 West 4th Ave in Vancouver. Follow us on Twitter at @twist_fashions or visit our website at konga займзайм на яндекс деньгизайм онлайн на киви займ на кредитную картубыстрый онлайн займ на картубыстрый займ онлайн на карту

2 Responses to The importance of first impressions

  1. Yvonne September 5, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    Thanks for the tips although in my career I always have to watch what I wear whenever I step outdoors, it’s nice to find stores that cater to fine outfits.

  2. Kennett Kwok September 9, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    It’s not a bad thing that everyone dresses like they’re in a “What not to wear” episode in Vancouver because if you take the effort to dress well, you immediately stand out.

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