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Five Basic Truths That Will Keep You Focused On Generating Results

In working with my clients over the past decade, I’ve discovered that those with the most success understand and apply Five Basic Truths that keep them focused on generating results… 1)  Stay true to who you are: In matters of style, swim with the current;  in matters of principle, stand like a rock.  – Thomas […]

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Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Three short years ago, I was an individual that filled the prototypical mould of young professionals my age. I was a person that had meticulously planned life over the next five years, and created succinct, well-developed ‘5-year plans’ that I hoped would help me in my professional life. I was led to believe that having […]

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Failure is the New Success

  Before starting any career-related work, I sat down with and spoke to a very successful individual and good friend of mine. After our conversation turned to careers, I uttered these exact words: “I want to be great and successful in life. What’s your opinion on the best way to achieve this?” As he looked […]

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Be Memorable, Be Remembered

With my education finally in the rearview, I found this moment to be a critical juncture, not only to reflect on my own career goals, but to reflect on the qualities and elements that have allowed me to successfully get to this point (of course, with some teeth-pulling and face-in-pillow-screaming along the way!). I had […]

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Newly Promoted, Now What?

There’s nothing quite like your first promotion to leadership. You’ve been recognized for your potential, your aptitude, your hard work, and more. But getting promoted to be a people leader is challenging, particularly when you haven’t been a boss before. You’re told to go out and “motivate” a team without really understanding how to do […]

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How to Keep Motivation Present

  What gets you out of bed in the morning? Entrepreneurs are a motivated lot! We have big dreams, aspirations and plans and every single one of us has been motivated enough to harness inner strength, take a leap of faith and embark on the tenuous and scary journey of the entrepreneur to realize them. […]

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