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“Enjoy, Jump, and Love Thyself”, Women of Influence Luncheon

“Enjoy, Jump, and Love Thyself” (quote by Annalisa King) Carolyn De Voest, Feature Writer for and Principal with Better Your Best Coaching attended the Women of Influence Luncheon on Friday, April 20th featuring Annalisa King, CFO of Best Buy Canada. Women of Influence  produces inspiring, progressive, and celebratory events across the country. Our programs […]

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Networking with a Purpose!

“Get your face in front of people.” This action step inevitably comes up when brainstorming ways for clients to get traction on an idea.  For some people it comes naturally and for others it’s a challenge.  It’s much easier in our internet age to hide behind social media and e-mails to try to attract new […]

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Nurturing Confidence – Lessons from Sport

Are you the type of person who walks into a room full of strangers and thinks to themselves “Yeah!  50 new friends!  Or, ughh I hate small talk!”?  For a great majority of entrepreneurs they didn’t realize when they decided to make their passion their business some of the fear inducing situations that come along […]

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Change starts with action

“I have always dreamt of…”  My second favourite conversations start with those five little words.  The conversations usually occur at a time in our lives when we realise we are no longer satisfied with what we have created and start asking ourselves “there must be some other way.” There seems to be a path that […]

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