Six Tips to Get Noticed and Get Hired

Getting noticed in today’s job scene takes pizazz, preparation, and a whole lot of detail. This is either much harder for some individuals or a lot easier for others. It all depends on not what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. LinkedIn gives us direct access to recruiters, managers, and CEO’s and yet so many of us seem to struggle with just getting noticed.

Here are six savvy tips I’ve compiled from my own experiences as a job seeker, as a hiring manager, and as a recruiter. One or all six might work for you – give it a read and most importantly, try something new:

1. LinkedIn: You’ve got a LinkedIn profile – hooray! But wait, LinkedIn and no photo? Gasp!

linkedin-iconDo two things: first, upload a photo of yourself in which you are up close, smiling, and looking at the camera.  Give your online self a face, for goodness sake. Second, spend an hour LinkedIn surfing and write down the things you like about other people’s profiles. Finally, emulate what you liked on your own bio. Voila!

2. Research, Research: Wherever you’re applying, put in some tender, love, and care into your decision. Read their company blogs. Check out the history. Stalk employees on social media. Whatever you do – just learn about who they are and what they do. Also, if the company is all over social media – maybe you should be, too.

3. Your Application: First off, always apply online. Second, your resume and cover letter package should reflect YOU. If you were to describe yourself in paper + pen terms would you say “Times New Roman-10pt?”  Probably not. Choose font, colour, and graphics that show off your personality and as relevant to the position at hand. If it’s a creative position, show the reader your creativity. I’m also a huge fan of PDF.  Your resume should also be geared to a) your reader and b) the position at hand. Make iteasy for the recruiter to understand what knowledge, skills, and experience you possess.  S-p-e-l-l  it out for them.

4. Call Me:  If you’re shortlisted round one, you’ll be called on for a telephone interview. Awesome! Rule #1: you’ve got to be succinct, no if, and’s or buts. All it takes is preparation. Carefully consider what your value proposition is, what you bring to the table, and lock in three key things that you would DO for this company.  You can point to your areas of specialty throughout the call so that it’s really clear to the recruiter what you’re all about.  Oh, and smile on the phone. It works.

5. Listen: Whether it’s a telephone interview or an in person, really, really, REALLY listen to the questions being asked. Don’t hesitate to ask for a rephrasing, repeat, or even a pass. Asking to pass a question and coming back around to it at the end is not a big deal.

6. Thank You Notes: I’m a big fan of thank you notes whether via LinkedIn personalized message, email, or even snail mail. Not only is it cordial but it reinforces you and your message with the job at hand.

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So, there you have it. Crazy new ideas? No. Out of the box- revolutionary concepts? Hardly. Moral of the story – put a lot of thought into it, prepare, and smile. 

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