Set your intention and leave your sales pitch at the door

Isn't it true that we all go to networking events to sell our own products and services? If we are all there to sell then no one is buying, so who are we selling to?

Good question, right? It makes complete sense. Next time you are at a networking event, set your mind on something other than gaining a new customer!Setting your intentions is important in every aspect of your life and networking is no different. Before attending any event, you should really think about what you want and are expecting to get out of the event. But FIRST, before you are going to get anything, you really need to set forth an intention in terms of what you are going to bring. How are you going to make a positive impact on the event and its attendees? What will you do to help someone? Think about it, what will YOU bring??

The best way to approach an event is to put on your best ‘host' attitude and bring positive energy with a helping spirit. The more people that attend an event with this kind of giving and helpful mentality, the more it will become a positive and collaborative affair where everyone will benefit. Here's my tip, stop talking and start LISTENING. Leave your sales pitch at the door. Ask questions, get to know new people. Find out about who they are as a person and the intricate details of their business. Find out what you can do to help them personally and/or professionally and then do it!

I guarantee you, the more you start looking for ways to help people and the more you give, the more your business will flourish. This doesn't happen overnight. Networking is a long-term activity, it takes time to build a strong network of people who like and trust you. Networking is about planting seeds and taking the time to water and cultivate them so that they flourish into a beautiful, healthy garden.

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