Reinventing M Network mSummit Recap

By Jane Stark



As a mompreneur to two small girls I was excited to attend Reinventing M Network’s mSummit for the first time on Saturday November 16th. Now in it’s third year the summit has grown significantly and this year had 22 speakers over the day including the likes of Tamara Taggert, Jill Earthy,

Sandy Gerber and keynote lunch speaker, Dragon’s Den’s own Arlene Dickenson.

The day was truly jam-packed with all you could really ask for at a conference catering to mothers in 2013. From speed make-overs to speed coaching, headshots, workshops and great opportunities to forge new connections, this conference is a refreshing new addition to the circuit in Vancouver.

The day was structured with 6 time slots where you had your choice to attend one of three workshops. The workshops were broken into themes, Lifestyle, Career Advancement & Entrepreneurial Focus. Of course I wanted to attend all the sessions and had trouble choosing just one, but it also made for an interesting and varied day. You could go from an intensive workshop on “Awakening Your Inner Ninja” to “Overcoming Stress & Burnout” to “Secrets for Getting Your Children to Sleep” all in the matter of hours. A true reflection of what mompreneurs encounter in many of their days!

Arlene Dickenson entertained us through the lunch hour sharing insights from her childhood, the challenges she faced starting out in her career and some good laughs she had along the way. What really made her talk so valuable was her open and honest accounts of what she endured to get to where she is today and the lessons she learned. As a mother of four herself, you really felt the authentic connection with the audience in the room and Arlene admittedly shared personal details with the group that she doesn’t normally share. Let’s just say it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows to get to where she is today, like so many others she had to overcome her fair share of challenges and life’s curve balls. The message was don’t give up; look for the opportunities and listen – to your heart and to others.

Below are a couple of takeaways that stood out for me today. These stood out because they apply to all facets of life, not just the context they were presented in.

  • Don’t worry about the “HOW”, focus on the “WHAT”. Get very clear on what you want, down to specific details and the how will come. (Dr. Sukhi Muker)
  • BEAR: Beliefs feed our emotions. Actions are based on our emotions. Results come from our actions. If we change our beliefs, we can change the results.  (Dr. Sukhi Muker)
  • Bottom line. You don’t ask, you won’t get. (Carrie Gallant)
  • Know what you what you want & why you want it (Carrie Gallant)


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