Raising the Profile of Women in Technology & Communications

The Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) is an association that raises the profile of women in the technology and communications sectors, by helping women of all backgrounds maximize their career potential. Along with a National Mentoring Program, CWC Annual Awards, and high-profile industry initiatives, CWC also hosts various networking and educational events, where members can learn from and mingle with successful women in business today. I had the opportunity to attend an event recently: An Evening with Amielle Lake, CRO & Founder of Tagga Media. Tagga’s unique cross-channel campaigning software integrates social, web, and mobile technologies to connect brands to customers 24/7.

Amielle explained why in today’s technology driven economy, companies must expand into mobile marketing to continue to grow their brand:

  • Smartphones and tablets shipments have recently surpassed PC shipments, and the industry is forecasted for continued growth
  • Statistics show that nearly all Generation Y consumers own a mobile phone of some kind and 72% own smartphones
  • 60% of consumers access social media sites on mobile phones
  • Social and mobile marketing are far more measurable than traditional media, making it the ultimate direct response tool.

Expansion into the social and mobile marketing through Cross-Channel Campaign Management means that companies can facilitate meaningful and lasting connections with their brand for the consumer. Marketing campaigns can become real-time and seamless, and become fun and engaging for the consumer, leading to higher overall ROI. Digital marketing has been proven to drive more sales offline than traditional media channels because of the constant connection to the brand. Recent case studies for these social and mobile marketing campaigns include Lindt Chocolate that saw an increase of 12% to their client database, with over 30,000 page views for their 11-day campaign to raise brand awareness for their sponsorship of the Toronto International Film Festival.  Arby’s launched a cross-channel marketing campaign through Tagga that generated 22,000 sales in 12 weeks. Furthermore, Arby’s was able to track high traffic areas for the campaign across Canada, and even peak times for contestant entry. All Tagga’s clientele who used this innovative Cross-Channel Campaign Management saw increase in ROI, reduced cost per action, and improved customer loyalty to their brand, all through measurable statistics.

The CWC illuminated an industry leader in Cross-Channel Campaign Management – Amielle Lake, and her company, Tagga Media – helping to showcase how profitable this new sector in marketing can be for company branding. Tagga believes that Cross-Channel Campaigns can transform the landscape of marketing greatly increasing customer conversions, yielding comprehensive customer profiling and tracking across the entire media matrix, all the while being more affordable to enact than traditional media routes. Amielle Lake encourages all businesses to engage customers through social and mobile channels, and join Tagga in the Cross-Channel Campaign Marketing revolution!

Visit these websites to learn more about Amielle Lake and Tagga Media.

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