Planning Staff Events Part 2: Incorporating Themes

When planning a themed event, there can be a fine line between overdoing it to the point that you feel like you’re in a cartoon and getting it just right. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate ‘themes’ into any event in ways that are cost effective and won’t have you (or your guests) feeling like you've just traveled back in time to that party your mom threw for you when you were five and you were ‘forced’ to dress like a pink power ranger.

  1. It all starts with the invitation: For the guests, this can be a vital clue as to what they can expect at the event. The style and look of the invitation can often tell guests more about the event than the description written on it. For example, a classy looking invitation gives the guests the message they should dress up a little while a fun more laid back version will let guests know that casual attire is ok too. The number 1 question I get asked by our staff before each event is “What should I wear?” so the more information you can provide both visually and informational will help put your guests more at ease.Mid Year Staff Appreciation Event - 'A Day at the Races'
  2. Incorporate colours for your chosen themvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736');link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href');} e: Organizing a themed event doesn't need to be difficult or incur the cost of extravagant decorations. If you are wanting to keep things simple but still have a recognizable theme, try incorporating a few key elements (like large hanging snowflakes) or sticking to colours that have a string association with your chosen theme. Putting together a Nautical themed event? No anchors or sailor hats required, instead, try incorporate navy, white and gold into the invitations, table centrepieces, linens and lighting.End of Year staff and partners event - 'A Black and White Winter Wonderland'
  3. Encourage easy ways for your guests to ‘dress the part’: While the décor and overall look of the room do a lot to reflect the theme, the way guests are dressed can also add that little something extra. Full costume are a bit much to ask, try asking guests to dress in colours that match the theme. Is it a masquerade party? Go for reds, purples, gold and black. Hawaiian? Bright tropical colours. Winter? Black and White is easy and looks great when everyone is in the same room together

winter party

When it comes down to it, themed events don’t have to mean a whole lot of fussy or expensive decorations. The colour palate of your lighting, invitations, linens and some simple table centrepieces can do a lot to give the feel of your chosen theme without it getting too theatrical and also helps take the pressure off your guests when it comes to fitting in. Of course if you ask me, the odd circus performer will always add that extra ‘wow’ factor to any event! займ на кртусрочный займ онлайн на киви кошелекбыстро займ улан-удэ

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