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Liquid Content: The New Marketing – A Pre Event Post

Every industry is being disrupted by social media and mobile technologies. Even marketing, which sits at the helm of crafting messages for all industries, has not been spared. Marketing and advertising has traditionally relied on pushed content, from brand to consumer. But consumers now have more say in the content they receive from brands. Consumers […]

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Building a Vision: Behind the Scenes at BCAMA’s 2012 Conference

Networkingvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736′);link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href’);} in Vancouver Feature Writer, Jerrie Lynn Morrison, connected with Lindsay Smith to find out more about BCAMA’s Director of Vision and how she put together BCAMA’s biggest event: the 22nd annual VISION conference happening May 23. 1) How well attended is BCAMA’s annual Vision conference? We are […]

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Linkedin: Marketing Your Brand online – Event Recap

Linkedin has become a ubiquitous networking tool for the modern business professional. I personally have been using Linkedin since 2005 and I’ve found it to be incredibly useful as a way to stay in touch with my contacts as well as build my personal brand. I recently attended a breakfast event run by the BC […]

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Having fun with Networking

Time and time again, we hear ” just be who you are”. Sometimes we wonder really is it that easy? I just have to show up in life as who I am? I used to go to networking events all tense and worried about what others would think about me. Over time, I begun to […]

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Ladies who lunch – WIL Luncheon event teaser

On May 2nd, The Women in Leadership Foundation will host their 7th Annual BC Women in Business Luncheon. The Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL) was founded in 2001 and is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women in leadership roles. WIL has played a pivotal role in helping thousands of women across Canada surge to success. Take […]

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Build your network before you need it

Build your network before you need it Jen Schaeffers, Founder, Early on in my career I had a pretty narrow view of networking. I thought networking was only for people who needed jobs. I loved my job so why waste my time? I was going to be in that job forever, it was my […]

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“Enjoy, Jump, and Love Thyself”, Women of Influence Luncheon

“Enjoy, Jump, and Love Thyself” (quote by Annalisa King) Carolyn De Voest, Feature Writer for and Principal with Better Your Best Coaching attended the Women of Influence Luncheon on Friday, April 20th featuring Annalisa King, CFO of Best Buy Canada. Women of Influence  produces inspiring, progressive, and celebratory events across the country. Our programs […]

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The importance of core values in both your personal and professional life – Feature Writer: Liz Sauve

The importance of core values in both your personal and professional life Feature writer: Liz Sauve Resident student blogger and aspiring PR professional The world of networking and networking events is something relatively new to me. Having recently completed my Certificate in Public Relations and ventured into the exciting world of professional volunteerism (shout out […]

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Heart to Heart Networking – Conscious Divas Date Night Event Recap

When you attend a Conscious Divas event, you can leave your handshake at home – hugs are definitely more welcome. Refreshingly, current Social Media conversations seem to be , encouraging women to love themselves and each other. Reading Ashley Judd’s – The Conversation, or our founder Jen’s blog on Reality TV, and it there’s a […]

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Mentoring and why it’s important

Mentoring and Why It’s Important By: Jen Schaeffers, Founder NetworkinginVan I’ve had a lot of people asked me in the last year how mentoring has benefited me. This is a hard question to answer – and an answer that might require dozens of blog posts on all the different things I have gained from these […]

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Why do you network?

Networking in Vancouver … I’m so thrilled to be a part of this community and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and insights with you all in this platform. As this is my first post as a Guest Blogger, I found myself reflecting on the networking phenomenon. I call it a phenomenon […]

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Not sure what to do with your life? Network

In this article, Jerrie Lynn Morrison writes about networking as a strategy for career exploration and career change. She compares careers to relationships, a mindset that helps career explorers take the time they need to navigate through a life-changing transition. Are you afraid of commitment? I am—at least for the moment. I just got out […]

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Networking with a Purpose!

“Get your face in front of people.” This action step inevitably comes up when brainstorming ways for clients to get traction on an idea.  For some people it comes naturally and for others it’s a challenge.  It’s much easier in our internet age to hide behind social media and e-mails to try to attract new […]

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