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Why Action Doesn’t Result in Success

Action gets results, but clarity creates success. Have you ever been so busy that you haven’t had time to think? Do you take the approach that, as long as you’re moving, something good will happen? If so, you’re not alone. We are an action-oriented culture. We embrace and idolize busy schedules, we actively seek out […]

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Networking is like Cultivating a Garden

By Ekaterina Ramirez After active networking for about 2 years, I got to understand that networking is very similar to cultivating a garden. When you grow a garden, you don’t expect the harvest next day, right? A garden needs planting, watering and nurturing so you can enjoy fruits and veggies in a couple of months […]

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Breaking the Ice in a New City: How I Built My Network

There I was on September 3rd, 2012, in my brand new apartment, looking over a city of 600,000 people, 15 of whom I knew. I am a young marketing professional, and I moved to Vancouver to expand my career opportunities. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting call backs from the jobs I was applying for. I needed […]

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7 Networking Resolutions for 2013

Aside from the champagne and the purchase of a new gym membership, the new year marks the perfect time to reflect on your networking habits over the past year and determine what did and didn’t work for you. Think back… what changes do you need to make for the future? What do you wish you […]

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Heading into 2013 with a fresh attitude towards networking

By Manpreet Dhillon As we wrap up the holiday season, many of us may feel the need to hibernate and the need to disconnect. The holiday season is known for the socializing, connecting with friends and family and celebrating for much of December. When January comes around, the introvervar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736′);link.onclick = function(){document.location = […]

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5 Steps to Significant Success

According to the online Dictionary, “Success” (noun) is defined as: 1. achievement of intention 2. attainment of fame, wealth, or power 3. something that turns out well 4. somebody successful Although the definition is clear, it leaves much to the imagination for how that outcome is to be accomplished. And therein lies one of the […]

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Tips, tricks and hidden gems of social media: an ISES event re-cap

Tips, tricks and hidden gems of social media: an ISES event re-cap by Chelsie Aichelberger Tuesday, Nov. 27th was my first time attending an event at the International Special Events Society, Canada (ISES), and it ranked above and beyond my expectations. Hosted at the very top of the Hyatt Regency hotel, members were invited to share appies […]

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2012 Best Companies to Work For in BC Gala, Recap

November 28, 2012. 7:30pm. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Almost 500 BC professionals (including many students) gathered to celebrate 2012 Best Companies to Work for in BC. Peter Legge with his daughter Rebecca right from the beginning set the atmosphere for laughs, fun and cheer. Cameron Laker and David Jordan welcomed the audience. There were many […]

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Event Recap: Straight from the Dragon’s Mouth with Kevin O’Leary

Entertaining and ruthless would accurately describe Kevin O’Leary. The controversial entrepreneur and venture capitalist 300 dollar loan online, best known for his contributions to TV’s Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank and The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, was in Vancouver recently to deliver a keynote speech during an exclusive networking event for private enterprise. Straiight from the […]

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Main Points from Storytelling in the Digital Age

Event Main Points by Ekaterina Ramirez I couldn’t attend BCAIM‘s Storytelling in the Digital Age event but really wanted to hear what the speakers (@CameronU @jounpuu & @trevormeier) had to say. Twitter was a way to go! Key points that event attendees posted under #digitalstories hashtag was so good that I decided to share it […]

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Leadership Lessons from Influential Women – Event Recap

Event Recap by Ekaterina Ramirez On November 1st I had an opportunity to attend the 4th annual Leadership Lessons from Influential Women in Business organized by Business in Vancouver and the Professional Women’s Network – the event I certainly had been looking forward to. The goal of the conference was to dig deeper into the […]

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How to be an Open Networker

Over the last several weeks, I have been to several different events both online and IRL (in real life), and have been thrilled by the increasing exploration and development of the “Open” concept in human interactions. I’m sure that this is not news to you. There is no doubt a growing global trend towards 4 […]

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Dare to be different – ISES Master Series Event Recap

When trying to nail your next sponsor – Ignite passion, loyalty and rituals Last Wednesday night, I finally came out of my first trimester hibernation and attended the ISES (International Special Events Society) Master Series Event with Bill Cooper from the Twentyten Group on Sponsorship. The event took place at the Diamond Alumni Centre at […]

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Event Review: Is your site lost or found? SEO Basics (Mags BC)

On Tuesday, October 23, the Magazine Association of BC held its third networking event, Mags BC Remix: Issue 3, at the VSO School of Music. The Mags BC Remix events bring publishing, writing and media professionals together to share their expertise and passion in this fast-evolving industry. Organized by Sylvia Skene, Executive Director of the […]

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Enter to win a ticket to The Art of Marketing Conference! are excited to have one free ticket to give away to a lucky winner to the Art of Marketing Conference in Vancouver on November 27, 2012 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Ticket value is $399. The Art of Marketing is Canada’s #1 Marketing and Innovation Conference. You can also save $50 off your entry […]

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