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Work at Play

As adults, acknowledging the role of play is often lost if not completely forgotten. Maybe it’s because it feels too childish, or silly. Maybe it’s because the word is associated with an irresponsible use of time. The concept of play was a resounding theme during my first semester at the Centre for Digital Media. There […]

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The 4 Players You Need

When we work with others, we often discover that not everyone plays the game the same way we do. This often results in conflict and tension so, if you want your team to perform, you really need to recognize — The 4 Players You Need for Your Team to Succeed Every team has a cast of players, […]

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3d small people - team with the puzzles

Networking Effectively in 2015

As the ominous date of January 1st looms closer and closer, I am forced to reflect on the year that has passed. I long ago began burying my head in the sand and suppressing the urge to ruminate on the multiple ways in which I can become a bigger, better 2015 me. However, try as […]

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Slowing Down During the Holiday Season

This year has come and gone in full force. I’ve been putting in a full effort to really amp up my networking game this year, knowing it is key to my future career success. When December 1st rolled around, I hit a wall. I was absolutely exhausted and realized it was because  I was exerting […]

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stackable coins

Matching What is Valued Makes Dollars … and Sense

Each of us has our own criteria for deciding what to spend our money on, so when it comes to engaging with prospects and clients… Matching What is Valued Makes Dollars … and Sense When making a purchase, it’s probably safe to assume that you use a set of criteria to assess whether or not […]

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Work/Life Balance: If life is a pie, how big is each slice?

In today’s fast-paced, career-oriented world, it can be difficult for young professionals to maintain a steady balance between work and well, everything else. Everyone needs some sort of balance in their life to function at their optimal level. This generation has so many opportunities in terms of post secondary education, jobs abroad, industry specializations, and […]

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Networking Your Way to a Job

I am unemployed and currently looking for a job, a situation many of us have been in at some point in our lives. While I was working, I was an active networker and co-led a well known event in Vancouver meeting lots of people regularly, expanding my network, or was I? Busy with work, personal life […]

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Event Review: The Art of Reinvention with the PWN

This was the first PWN (Professional Women’s Network) event I had attended so I had no idea what to expect as I walked through the doors of Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was welcomed with an array of delicious food platters (Vietnamese rolls, charcuterie meats, cheeses and dips) and […]

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Business People Network Seminar Concepts

Presentation Pointers

Being that I make a living at making things look appealing (at least what I think looks good anyways!) I thought I might be able to shed some light on how to avoid a few of the presentation blunders. Some seem rather simple, but the moment someone has “creative” license to do as they please, […]

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Beyond Pink Conference 2014: A Peek Behind the Scenes

Young Women in Vancouver’s Beyond Pink 2014 Conference is happening this Friday and Saturday! I had the pleasure of speaking with the Beyond Pink planning team’s co-chair, Jessica Shirra, and she was able to give me a sneak peek at what it’s like to plan such an incredible event. I hope you enjoy her commentary […]

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IMG_4312 copy

The Invisible Portfolio

I am not a designer. I don’t know how to use Photoshop. I’m not a programmer. I build websites using canned templates. I’m not a game designer. I can’t build virtual worlds in 2D or 3D. Yet, in defining all the things I’m not, I’ve slowly been able to start to figure out what I […]

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Planning Staff Events Part 3: Food and Beverage

At the last corporate event I planned, there was only one complaint. Not enough food. But how could that be possible? I thought. I had ordered more than enough with a fantastic and reputable caterer. How could there have not been enough for everyone? What I hadn’t accounted for was that when you are serving […]

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Speed Mentoring: NABS West Event Review

I am a big proponent on building meaningful relationships, otherwise known as networking. The NABS West Speed Mentoring event came through Networking in Van and it immediately caught my eye. NABS West is an organization that helps professionals in the communications industry through counselling, career coaching, financial coaching and support that may be needed due […]

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Confidence and Networking

As a new grad, gaining confidence has been something that has floated in my mind for the past few months. Entering the workforce full time for the first time is a bit intimidating.  Confidence is something you need to be able to rock whenever you enter new conversations. I’m often much more drawn to people […]

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the art of

Inspiring The Art of Leadership

I took 11 pages of notes, while also live tweeting from Networking in Van’s Twitter account and my own personal account at The Art of Leadership on Tuesday. You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of photos in this post as I was too busy scrambling to get notes down. This was the second […]

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Let’s Hear It For The Moms!

Where to start … My day began by leaping out of bed in a hurried craze to feed my kids, get them dressed and ready for school, and out the door in time for me to make it downtown from the burbs. As prepared as I thought I was, yes, I was late. For someone […]

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Big Sisters 3

Big Sister’s Gala Event Review

Earlier this week I attended the Big Sister’s Gala. This event took place at the Fairmont Waterfront on a cool and wet night. However, if you weren’t already excited to be there for the cause, there were friendly volunteers and two love balls to help direct you to the registration table where I was quickly greeted and […]

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