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Socializing on Campus, aka Networking!

The bus is packed, less people are at the mall, and Staples actually has customers. That can only mean one thing. School is back in session! Yes there’s the sad thought of projects and homework, but there is one extreme positive to going back to school: socializing! Some may call it that, or in professional’s […]

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Building Your Personal Brand

Many of us think of networking as being time or place specific.  We go to “networking events” after work, during breakfast, or over lunch and hand out our business card, hoping to make a connection.  But, where networking actually begins is with building your personal brand.  When it comes to professional development, nothing is more […]

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Don’t be sloppy – The Art of the Business Card

Have you ever met someone and before you’ve even started chatting with them they are shoving their business card down your throat? Everybody has met this person and they obviously have not been taught any business card etiquette. It seems simple, right? After all its just a business card, but if this is your first […]

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Interactive Linkedin Members Forum Event Review

I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive event for Linkedin members in Vancouver this past week. The event was hosted by Linkedin Canada at the Coast Harbor Hotel and focused on providing select members with a opportunity to meet with a representative from Linkedin to provide feedback on the platform and to share best […]

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It’s Summer…No Networking Events Scheduled? No Problem!

It’s Summer…No Networking Events Scheduled? No Problem! By Guest Blogger: Lisa Dalla Vecchia I recently finished reading the bestselling memoir by Julia Child titled “My Life in France”.  I highly recommend it to those curious about Julia Child’s journey to becoming a successful cook, teacher and writer, and for those who are looking for a […]

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When Women Network Together – Y.E.S! Event Review

I’m going to state in advance that this blog post is more targeted towards women and building their confidence; I suppose I got some inspiration from my excitement for the Power of Women event on Friday. However, men please feel free to continue reading if you’d like to understand a gal’s networking perspective. 🙂 In […]

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15 Networking Tips And Pitfalls

Last night I attended the Vancouver Board of Trade (VBOT) new members orientation. I joined VBOT about a month ago as I figured it would be a wise investment to help grow my network and client base for my new Linkedin Training business. The Vancouver Board of Trade is the largest business association in Vancouver with over 5800 members. […]

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How to Generate Free PR for your business by Cameron Herold

Event of the month: How to Generate Free PR for your business by Cameron Herold Event Review by: Desiree Dupuis Partner, Corporate Insurance Specialist at Three Sixty Financial Group The catalyst for bringing Cameron Herold to town was an answer to this question posed by Byzhub Owen: “Who would you like to see speak at […]

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FARP Your Way to Better Networking, by guest blogger: Jesse Bowness

FARP Your Way to Better Networking By Guest Blogger: Jesse Bowness Mortgage Specialist, Scotiabank It’s pretty simple. Say hello to someone new at a networking function and it should be obvious to them what a charming, engaging, trustworthy, competent and generally lovely person you are. It’s a persistent shame that reality has it differently. It’s […]

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Vancouver Enterprise Forum Event Review, by guest blogger: Lisa Dalla Vecchia

Vancouver Enterprise Forum Event Review By Guest Blogger: Lisa Dalla Vecchia With its mission to advance technology entrepreneurship through networking forums that educate and motivate, the Vancouver Enterprise Forum (VEF) is known as the premier networking forum for technology entrepreneurs On Tuesday June 28th, the VEF hosted a sold out and much anticipated, yet casual […]

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Change starts with action

“I have always dreamt of…”  My second favourite conversations start with those five little words.  The conversations usually occur at a time in our lives when we realise we are no longer satisfied with what we have created and start asking ourselves “there must be some other way.” There seems to be a path that […]

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“From a Spark May Burst a Mighty Flame” (Dante)

There is really no point in attending a networking event if you are not prepared, don’t have the time or aren’t willing to do the follow up. Attending the event is the spark to light what can grow to be a mighty flame, but only when you add the fuel of your follow up. As […]

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Social Media: Marketing on a Budget (event review)

Speakers: Jennifer Schaeffers (@jenu2): Marketing & Communications Director, Sport BC Trevor Turnbull (@trevorturnbull): Sports Business Consultant, T3 Connect Sports Marketing Kevin Jagger (@kevinjagger): Long Track Long Shot Ryan McKee (@ryanmckee): Marketing Manager, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Tina Rogers (@tinarogers): Marketing & Creative Services Coordinator, Vancouver Canucks Nicole van Zanten (@nicolevanzanten): Social Media Coordinator, Vancouver Canucks Kudos […]

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Become a Connector

We want to congratulate Jen Schaeffers (AWWW, thanks ladies!) for starting this website. What she has done has become a Connector. If you have read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (highly recommend!) you’ll understand the power of becoming a connector. “Connectors are social glue.” Gladwell says that you want to know them, or better […]

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Networking is not a one-off event

Networking is not a one-off event By Guest Blogger: Desiree Dupuis, @threesixtyfg The key to networking is building long-lasting solid relationships, this doesn’t happen over night and it definitely does not happen by attending one event one time. Being a good networker means being consistent and following up. Here are my top 5 tips to […]

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