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The College Life: How to save your social life

Exams, two-a-day coffees, and all-nighters; I hope the transition into “school mode” has finally hit you. But let me guess, something’s missing? Hmm what’s it called again? Oh right, a social life. With constant studying, who really has time? Well here’s the compromise: make school your social life! Who says going to school can’t be fun? […]

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L.O.V.E now trending in Vancouver

L.O.V.E now trending in Vancouver – Guest Blogger Fannie Smith’s take on Heather White’s talk at the Women in Biz Networking event on November 1st. What was an “online obsession” with Heather White became a full blown crush after listening to her speak live at the Women in Biz Network event at The Opus.  You can […]

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Networking your Passion by guest blogger: Tracey Rossignol

Networking your Passion By Guest Blogger: Tracey Rossignol Who says networking needs to be all business lunches and seminar presentations?  Networking can be a lot of fun too.  I recently helped organize a cycling event for charity.  There were almost 400 riders at the event, from all walks of Vancouver life.  All brought together by […]

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Win tickets to Women in Leadership Foundation Gala, Nov 5th

Networking in Van are THRILLED to be providing the opportunity for two people to attend the Women in Leadership Foundations’ 4th Annual SuperWomen & Friends Gala presented by Audi of Richmond on Saturday, November 5th at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. We will give two tickets away, valued at $175 per ticket. Women in Leadership Foundation […]

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Pay it forward: My connector moment

On Monday night, I had my first “connector moment” at the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific (CSCP) Speakers Series event on Event Hosting. I attended this event for the first time last year as a “newbie”, to both networking and the Sport Industry. I vividly remember standing by myself nervously eating the cheese and crackers to look […]

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Enter to win TWO tickets to Y.E.S! Vancouver Signature Style Event!

If you aren’t familiar with Y.E.S! Vancouver then you should be! I joined Y.E.S! many years ago and have also sat on their marketing team in the past. Y.E.S! Vancouver offers a fresh approach to networking and fundraising. Connect with like-minded women at their fun, professional and stylish networking events. Stay on the pulse of […]

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Biz Comm 101: Crafting the perfect follow up email

So you networked, delivered a stellar elevator pitch, and got the business card.  How do you take it to the next level?  Establish a foundation?  Create a business relationship, or even a friendship? Like dating, business relationships need to be finessed. While you may not wait by your iPhone for a call or a text, […]

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Networking: A Musing (because networking is amusing)

From awkward conversations to slippery head-over-heels bails, we all err occasionally and make a networking blunder. This is part 1 of a 3-part series on networking mistakes you might make and how you might gracefully overcome them. A Newbie’s First Networking Error Not everyone enjoys business networking, and when you get nervous in these situations, […]

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The Strength of Weak Ties

As counterintuitive as it may seem there is an undeniable reason to network with strangers and it’s called The Strength of Weak Ties. This famous paper, of the same name, was written over thirty years by Mark Granovetter at Johns Hopkins University, and now at Stanford. The Strength of Weak Ties has been described as […]

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Networking is Connecting

At the core, networking is connecting.  That’s it.  That’s all there is to know.  There’s a lot of talk about elevator speeches, differentiating factors, unique selling position etc.  And I’m not trashing those important points of consideration and development that everyone should engage in improving.  But, what I can’t stand to see is people staying […]

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WIL Sweet Talk Networking Event Review

A woman’s three guilty pleasures: fashion, wine and dessert. Last night I had the delight to be pampered with all three at the Women in Leadership Foundation’s 3rd Annual Sweet Talk. As it was my very first WIL networking event, the night was a great opportunity to meet women professionals of all ages. Hosted at […]

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Socializing on Campus, aka Networking!

The bus is packed, less people are at the mall, and Staples actually has customers. That can only mean one thing. School is back in session! Yes there’s the sad thought of projects and homework, but there is one extreme positive to going back to school: socializing! Some may call it that, or in professional’s […]

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Building Your Personal Brand

Many of us think of networking as being time or place specific.  We go to “networking events” after work, during breakfast, or over lunch and hand out our business card, hoping to make a connection.  But, where networking actually begins is with building your personal brand.  When it comes to professional development, nothing is more […]

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