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First Year Career Lessons

With 2015 behind me, I not only turn the page on a new year, but also, approach my first-year anniversary of working in a professional, career-related role. That is, the end January marks, for myself, the anniversary of my first full-year of professional work. Having been mostly a student pursuing both my undergraduate and graduate […]

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Don't just stand there (Dec blog)

Want a thriving business? Stop delivering services…

How do your clients and prospects distinguish you from your competitors? It comes down to one simple concept: Is your offer focused on delivery or service? “Profit is the reward of service.” – Henry Ford Professional Services industries have significant potential built right into their business. When service is truly at the heart of your […]

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Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Three short years ago, I was an individual that filled the prototypical mould of young professionals my age. I was a person that had meticulously planned life over the next five years, and created succinct, well-developed ‘5-year plans’ that I hoped would help me in my professional life. I was led to believe that having […]

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Content, Context and Coffee

As little as a decade ago, information was power, and our careers hinged on our ability to access and process the information that was critical to our business success. In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to sift through the barrage of information we are faced with each day. The truly useful and important communications […]

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Failure is the New Success

  Before starting any career-related work, I sat down with and spoke to a very successful individual and good friend of mine. After our conversation turned to careers, I uttered these exact words: “I want to be great and successful in life. What’s your opinion on the best way to achieve this?” As he looked […]

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Marketing Differentiation vs. Strategic Differentiation

If you’ve convinced yourself that ‘differentiation’ is a buzz word and a concept that has failed to generate any significant results for your business, you may be overlooking the transformative distinction between … Marketing Differentiation vs. Strategic Differentiation Differentiation can transform your business. That’s never been in question. The question, though, is how to achieve […]

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Leaving Behind the “Young” & Embracing Adulthood

As I venture into the next phase in my life, I am increasingly struck with the realization that I am undergoing more changes to who I am than ever before. Sure, there is the transition from childhood to adolescence, then adolescence to young adulthood: both very tumultuous times in a short life accustomed to the […]

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Deciding on a Master’s Degree? – Some Recommendations

It has been nearly a year since I completed my Master’s degree in London, and thus, I have had ample opportunity to reflect not only about my education but the overall experience of studying halfway across the world. Although, I can say for certain now that the decision to move abroad and study my Master’s […]

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True Success

In your pursuit of wealth and happiness, always remember … THERE’S SUCCESS … AND THEN THERE’S TRUE SUCCESS “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. […]

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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: Self Reflection

It was an unusually warm April evening, when my childhood friend invited me to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps play at BC Place. While watching the Whitecaps retreat back into their own zone with the ball, I whispered that ‘they should try and move in the right direction.’ My friend quietly responded by saying that ‘sometimes you […]

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Event Re-Cap: Wealthy and Wise

On May 19th, I attended the event “Wealthy and Wise” with speakers David Chilton and Arlene Dickinson – who most recently were featured as cast members on CBC’s hit show, “Dragon’s Den.” Peter Legge, President and CEO of Canada Wide Magazines and Communications, offered some opening remarks and stories, as well. Although this nearly 2 and a half […]

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Dont just stand there

Is Your Offer Focused On Delivery Or Service?

How do your clients and prospects distinguish you from your competitors? It comes down to one simple concept: Is your offer focused on delivery or service? “Profit is the reward of service.” – Henry Ford Professional Services industries have significant potential built right into their business. When service is truly at the heart of your […]

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Event Re-Cap: The Art of Marketing 2015

On April 15th, I attended my second “The Art of Marketing” seminar in Vancouver, BC. I found last year’s event to be so inspiring that I actively applied some of the marketing and branding techniques I learned to my career as a Marketing Manager. This year’s “The Art of Marketing” event certainly did not disappoint. […]

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Referrals: 3 Ways to Improve Your Success Rate (Part II)

In Part I of this article, we covered 3 diagnostic questions for understanding the current health of your referral base: How long have you been in business? How many referrals are you getting now? Are they always appropriately qualified? Now, it’s time to learn how to significantly increase referrals … without asking! Unsolicited referrals are […]

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Be Memorable, Be Remembered

With my education finally in the rearview, I found this moment to be a critical juncture, not only to reflect on my own career goals, but to reflect on the qualities and elements that have allowed me to successfully get to this point (of course, with some teeth-pulling and face-in-pillow-screaming along the way!). I had […]

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3 Fashion Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Wonder Woman or Superman

Оформление микрозаймов онлайн через финансовый сервис Это самый удобный способ получить до 30000 рублей в долг за 5 минут. Теперь взять займ на карту стало намного быстрее и легче. Не требуется выходить и из дома, и стоять в очередях. Деньги легко оформить и получить через интернет на банковскую карточку. As fashion weeks around the […]

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Referrals: 3 Ways to Improve Your Success Rate

When is the right time to ask for a referral? What is the right way to ask for a referral? How can I improve my technique in asking for referrals? These are questions I get asked on a regular basis and it’s a topic that I’m passionate about, so read on to learn more about […]

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joo kim 1

Event Review: SHOULDERS OF TITANS – Joo Kim Tiah

On Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Shoulders of Titans event, hosted by the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group. Being my first interaction with this group I had no idea what to expect. I only knew that the key speaker was Joo Kim Tiah, the man behind the $360 Million Dollar Trump Tower project […]

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