Not Failure but LOW AIM is the crime!

Success is the Ability to Make Wise Decisions
Blog Post by: Jen Schaeffers, Founder

I have been to my fair share of networking events, but one group which I hadn’t had the chance to check out yet is The Pacific Club. Thanks to one of our guest bloggers, Jesse Bowness (President of The Pacific Club), I was able to attend last week’s Wednesday Night networking evening featuring Peter Legge, professional speaker and chairman and CEO of Canada Wide Media Limited.

Now before I get on to what an inspiration Peter Legge is, I wanted to let you all know a little about The Pacific Club. Launched in 1991, The Pacific Club describes itself as “an intimate not-for-profit club that provides our members with a unique opportunity to both network with engaging professionals from various industries and to interact with local industry leaders”. Their speaking events are held six times a year from September through June and are generally hosted at the The Vancouver Club. You can check out more about them here.

I have heard rave reviews from many friends who have had the privilege and pleasure of hearing Peter Legge speak in the past and I am not even sure if those reviews did him justice. He is an incredible man. CEO, Chairman, entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, father and husband – this guy is one busy man. I have had his book “Power of a Dream” by my bedside table for a month now and I am going to dive into it this week.

I pulled out Peter’s most insightful advice for business and life that he presented that evening.

1. What are your dreams?

Write them down! If you do, you are more likely to achieve them.  95% of people have never written out their goals or dreams (for shame!) Dream big dreams and big goals.

  • Failure is an event not a person.
  • Not failure but low aim is the crime!
  • Success is the ability to make wise decisions.

2.  Be resourceful and inventive. Be creative, do what's required all the time.

  • Do more than you're paid to do. – if you're really good at what you do, people will notice.
  • The five people you spend the most time with will influence you the most. Put people in your life who you look up to and have wisdom to give you. Be careful who you spend the most time with.

3. Live everyday with passion – never waste a day.

Live with passion, intent. Today is going to be a great day. Don't you want to hang around someone that is excited by today?

4. Find mentors.

Peter described three of his great mentors – the famous Joe Segal being one of them. The have been having lunches for 25 yrs at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. One day Joe wrote a line on a piece of paper, entitling it the “runway of life”. Mark the bottom of one end with a 0 (birth) and mark at the end, the age in which you think you might live to. Peter has written “85”. Then mark your current age on the line. Take a look at that. For Peter, he saw  25 years remaining – that's 25 christmas dinners left, 25 of his daughter's birthdays etc.  And what are you going to do with it?

5. Serve the community, more than you take out

Plant what you sow. Whatever you give out in life, you will get back in life. Law of sowing and reaping. You can get everything you want in life if you help others get what they want out of life.

6. Be kind to everyone

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle and 98% of that is hidden from view.

7. Guard your integrity

Most important of all. Peter told us about someone once told him “There is no such thing as business ethics, it's all ethics”. When people trust you and believe you, they will do business with you. Do not compromise on integrity.

Peter summed it up by telling us all to set big goals and big dreams. What do you want to do that you haven't done yet? How are you going to get there – set the map! And remember the three E's – ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM and EXCITEMENT.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


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