Northern Voice 2011 Review by Guest Blogger: Shannon Richardson

Northern Voice 2011 Review
Blog Post by: Shannon Richardson

Northern Voice is a personal blogging and social media conference that has been going strong for the past 7 years.

It started out in the basement of UBC with 100 local bloggers and has grown to now encompass social media, podcasting and photography. This two-day conference brings together the blogging and social media scenes from through out British Columbia.

This is my second year attending this event. Unfortunately I was only able to attend Friday’s session. The keynote opening speech by April Smith about her creative use of social media and blogging to get the personal stories of people living in the downtown east side brought everyone to tears. It proved that social media and blogging can not only change people’s lives– it can save them.

I never wanted to have a blog… I mean what would I say and really who would read it? I also felt like I had “missed the boat” on blogging. The first year that I went to Northern Voice it taught me that it’s never too late to start blogging and helped to give me some direction on how to blog not only personally but for corporate and marketing purposes as well.  Ironically it took me going to Northern Voice again this year to force my hand into blogging. This, right here, is my very first blog post.

Northern Voice is a great conference to go to if you’ve been blogging for years and just want to keep up with the new trends or learn more about social media and/or podcasting. It’s great for newbies like myself to help form a foundation on the ins and outs of personal and corporate blogging. It’s also good for community managers, social media professionals or people wanting to learn more about social media.

With sessions varying from: “Twitter and News: What is Next?” to “Your Blog Is Boring and Your Photos Suck” to “Social Media and Online Defamation: Keeping Out of Court” to “Intellectual Property and Your Blog” you can see that there is something for everyone.

So make sure to put Northern Voice in your event calendar next year.

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