Networking with a Purpose!

“Get your face in front of people.” This action step inevitably comes up when brainstorming ways for clients to get traction on an idea.  For some people it comes naturally and for others it’s a challenge.  It’s much easier in our internet age to hide behind social media and e-mails to try to attract new business or search for a new job than to create opportunities to engage with people face to face.  To make the most of your time network with a purpose by following these 5 tips to make the most of your networking experience!!

5. Review Networking in Vancouver website weekly.  Subscribe to get updates.  Set a goal to attend at least one networking event a month and schedule it on your calendar.

4. Talk to three friends whom you consider “influencers.”  Ask them what networking groups they recommend that would be serves your ultimate networking objective.

3. Have a networking objective: attract new business, learn about new employment opportunities, extend your community of professionals etc.

2. Set an event objective: if you are attending because you are interested in the speaker make it a personal goal to introduce yourself or to the speaker or ask a question.

1. Follow up and follow through!  Cultivate your relationships by using Linkedin and twitter.  Only add those that you made a significant connection with or that expressed a mutual desire to stay in touch.

If after following all of these steps you still haven’t found the right group or have gotten the traction you were hoping for consider starting up your own meet up group!  Who do you know in your circle of friends who knows great people that you would like to get to know?  One simple wine and cheese party might be just the right amount of networking you need to feel confident about getting your face in front of more people!

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