Networking for a good cause! Feature Writer: Jess Robson

Networking for a good cause!
A Little More Good spreads the goodness

Feature Writer: Jess Robson
lululemon athletica, leadership and development coordinator

We all have ‘people, places and things’ about our lives in Vancouver that we can classify as ‘so very West Coast’.  And, with Vancouver vying to be the greenest city by 2020 , and many of our weekend faves being clean-and-green inspired, we can all attest that some of those seemingly mundane tasks have an element of connecting, community, and all around social goodness.  Weekly trip to the community garden? Check.  Stop off at local Farmer’s Market? Check.  Riding your bike to a ‘karma class’ at your local yoga studio with a friend? Double check. Unbeknownst to you…you are creating and propagating positive social change here in our fair coastal mecca, simply by living the life you love, getting into conversation with people in your environment and doing the things you love to do!

The team at A Little More Good Vancouver is blogging, tweeting, and communicating all things ‘good’ to celebrate the goodness that is being shared and nurtured here in Vancouver, and to inspire our communities to continue to connect and engage in and around positive social change.

A Little More Good is a company for and about the little things, and founded on one simple idea: to promote the good. With that in mind, they profile good ideas, good causes, and good companies in Vancouver. From social activism to sustainability to improving the world around us, ALMG believes that everyone wants to be a part of something positive. The team rallies themselves to help people find their niche in the city and get involved. Their aim is to make it easier for people to do good in their communities and help their readers add a little more good to their daily routine.

Events that the team has hosted in the recent past have been focused on bringing together like minded people to get outside of the typical networking box and do something in the name of sheer fun.  Proof? January’s event: Snow Tubing at Mount Seymour.  And in March: A Curling Bonspiel (well attended, too!).  While the goal is to raise awareness for different charities that the team works to support, the outcome of having pure, clean fun fueled by passion behind social change is always new connections, a ton of laughs and the building blocks of awareness towards opportunities for people to get involved in what different groups are getting up to. Win, win, win.

The team at ALMG stands not only for quality in the content that they post, the events that they put on, and the groups and organizations that they stand for, but live and breathe into the fun, opportunity and sense of community that they create.  From being rooted in dealing with and getting into relationship with authentic, intentional companies that create and provide sustainable opportunities for social change in Vancouver (and beyond!), the team truly stands for creating a quality experience around how Vancouverites can engage themselves in those little changes in their day to day, and be a personal advocate for creating change. By making the thought of ‘change’ fun and accessible, and by sharing stories and personal experiences and profiles all around changemakers, they bring to the table another way to look at what ‘change’ means for a vast group of people.  And, with that, provide avenues and channels to connect with people that inspire you and that you want to learn more from.  In directly, ALMG is creating the ‘change-enthusiast’s network’ here in VanCity – and for that, we celebrate!

Check out what they are writing about at and follow them on twitter at @alittlemoregood to keep in the know about good people, companies, events, and much, much more!


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