Networking with Confidence – Rock your Next Event

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or venturing out to your first event, a networking event can create jitters in the best of us. The simple truth is that putting yourself out there is tough for most people. In fact, some of the most charismatic and charming people I know still get nervous about networking events. So, have some self-compassion and know you’re not alone if your palms are sweating at your next event.

To help you in braving out to the next event with confidence, we’ve compiled our best tips to help you rock your next event with utter confidence:

1.  Smile: When you’re in a stressful situation, whether it be mild stress or the pulse racing kind, smiling will help relax you. It’s science. Smiling will calm your heart rate and ultimately put you at ease. Better yet, smiling will put others at ease. You’ll be a lot more approachable if you have a warm smile on your face. Take a deep breath and let those pearly whites show.

2. Practice Affirmations: Affirmations are modern day magic. If you practice affirmations already you know what I’m talking about. Positive affirmations can wipe out the nagging voice of self-doubt and replace it with a vote of confidence for yourself. Eliminate negative self-talk and replace it with a mantra or statement that fuels confidence in yourself. Practice this statement out loud and in front of a mirror if you dare — it works!

3. Be Authentic: Aim to present the best version of yourself at the event. Be gracious, kind, and interested in others not only yourself and your goals of the event. Too often we head out to events looking to meet so-and-so and we’re fueled with our own motivations. Seek out a balance of satisfying your agenda and being your authentic, charming self. Who knows, maybe you’re the person someone else is just dying to meet in person.

4. Converse Well Last but not least, be prepared to participate in conversation. The most frequent question I hear from people is, “but what do I talk about?!” The art of a good conversation can be boiled down to expressing a sincere interest in the other person, give compliments, and listening well. Here are a handful of tips to help.

If all else fails, stick to smiling and kindness and you’ll feel confident at your next event.

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