Monday, March 19th

Name + title: Tracy Theemes, Financial Advisor, Sophia Financial Group

On supporting other women: It is important for women to support each other because we are stronger together than apart. Simply, we need one another to give us the courage to face our own demons as well as to counter the resistance that comes with leadership. We are going to need to rock the boat to create lasting social change and to do that requires a few hands on board.

How Tracy is making a difference: In co-founding Sophia Financial Group with Kamal Basra, we have integrated a business need (developing financial plans and investment strategies for women and their families) with the social vision to empower women financially using an education based service platform, an unprecedented approach.

In 2007, I created Wealth Academy for Women: Everything a Woman Needs to Know About her Finances in One Day. Over 200 women attended the February 25, 2012 event, and it has outgrown its venue each time it is offered. In 2011, $11,700 was raised for Dress for Success.

Well regarded specialists in banking, career, financial planning and investment strategy, as well as experts on negotiation strategies and techniques donate their time to speak and coach attendees, and the event serves as a platform for them to gain recognition and increase their own profiles within the Vancouver business community.

Clients from social service agencies learn alongside Sophia’s millionaire clientele, connecting through education and then sharing experiences and supporting one another.

I am trying to help women to step up to the table and use their financial power to create great good in the world. By 2019, it is purported that women will own 70% of Canada and the US and we want to make sure that they know how to steward this money.

Tracy recommends: I think Professional Women’s Network is a fabulous place to get connected with women in all stages of career. I am also a strong supporter of women creating their own networking groups. Sophia hosts a group of 12 women that meet each other once a month to support each other to create strong businesses in a friendly caring atmosphere. We help each other to see the blind spots and offer counsel to each other and solving problems.

Favourite quote: A quote that sat on my desk for a long while was “Daughter, do not grow a wishbone where a back bone should be.”

Books: I love to draw a Grace card in the morning to put things in perspective. I read Janeen Roth's book “Women, Food and God”  five times. I love this book because Roth shares her wisdom of working with women for 25 years without lecturing or nagging. I am sick of all the how-to's and directives on balance and how to live life like we are stupid because we can’t figure out how to get in our flossing or exercise program while we work a 70 hour home and work week. Roth’s approach is very respectful and an example of true leadership.

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