Monday, March 12th

Monday, March 12th

Name + title: Katrina Carroll-Foster, Small Biz Strategist. Hoseanna co-Founder. Start-up Enthusiast. Women-in-Tech cheerleader. Volunteer.Tweet, tweet!@katrinacfOn supporting other women:When women support each other, it gives them a greater voice. And being heard allows them to make positive change – whether in the home, at work, or in government. I grew up with a mother who was a feminist. She embodied the spirit of the word seeking to provide women with a place at the table in communities where that was rare. She was a pioneer in the 70s in the realm of ‘women in development'. Her work and calling was to help women have a strong voice when decisions were being made about their lives, and those of their sons and daughters. Her support of women and girls has left an indelible mark on me. So much has been accomplished due to our mothers but there is a long way to go. We need only look to the physical abuse and violence women still sustain. Or the way young girls are sexualized in media. In the workplace, women have made huge strides, but are still are woefully under-represented in the C-suite, and virtually invisible on corporate boards. When supported by other strong women, we thrive. We build business, grow communities, nurture families, improve societies. What other choice but to support each other authentically is there?
Why Katrina kicks ass:  Over the years, most of the volunteer work I've been involved with has centered around raising women up. I've been lucky to participate on some amazing boards and committees, including Dress For Success and Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Dress for Success is an extraordinary organization that supports women re-entering the workforce through the provision of appropriate work attire, and then provides ongoing support ; the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs is an innovative tour-de-force that supports the women who have chosen a path of entrepreneurship, equipping them with much needed resources . About 7 or 8 years ago, a dear friend (Louise Kozier) and I founded “Young Executives for Success” with a view to creating a fresh, fun and meaningful way for young women to connect and network in Vancouver. Any funds we raised were donated to Dress for Success. The most amazing part of Y.E.S! is that while we stepped down after the first two years, it is now being run by a couple of dynamic women and reaches a bigger audience than ever before. Katie Schaeffers and her team are really rocking it! From time to time I'm asked to mentor someone formally, or to simply offer some informal feedback. I always feel privileged when someone asks, and always say yes. Inevitably I feel like I'm the one that has learned the most!

Some great advice: 
For those who haven't seen Sheryl Sandberg's TED Talk on ‘Why We have Too Few Women Leaders', I highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and watching it. She's fantastic. If you're looking to get involved locally, check out Dress For SuccessYoung Executives for Success, or Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. (There are scads of other amazing organizations, but I know these the best).
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