Marketing Tries to Make Santa’s Nice List

In the true spirit of Holiday Season, WestJet recently launched a stunt that shared a whole lot of good, and with it, gained a whole lot of attention. With 4 million YouTube views to date, WestJet has managed to cut through the Christmas clutter, captured our attention, and set the stage for their Christmas campaign. Not an easy feat. In fact, you may have noticed a sudden increase in the number of tear-jerking spots currently in rotation. Gone are the days when evil marketing just told you to buy things because of a Super Awesome Feature or Deal. Nowadays, the brands getting the most attention are the ones who tap into that deep emotional place that lives within us all.

West Jet Christmas Miracle: Real Time Giving


Seven years ago, Procter & Gamble made a big splash with “Dove Evolution”. This campaign gained a ton of positive attention by hitting hard on an issue many women struggle with: The perception of our own beauty versus reality. And one must ask, what does this have to do with soap? The answer is, nothing at all. Instead, the brand chose to do something much more powerful: Expose a socially constructed truth and spin it into something positive. With Dove, it was the desire by women to be understood.

All around the world, we see continue to see brands successfully using emotion to create positive connections with their customers. With little product differentiation across many industries, businesses are starting to realize there’s a better way to reach out to your consumers: Tap into how they feel, and make them feel great about your brand.

From telcoms to banking, India to Tawian, here are a few of the brands who have recently gained a lot of attention by using hard hitting, emotionally driven creative. Role your eyes if you must but you do have to admit, it’s a whole lot better than the “BUY IT NOW – FOR FREE!” approach.

With close 10 million views in counting, Google makes us feel more connected:

TC Bank in Tawian makes dreams come true.

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