Main Points from Storytelling in the Digital Age

Ekaterina RamirezEvent Main Points by Ekaterina Ramirez

I couldn't attend BCAIM‘s Storytelling in the Digital Age event but really wanted to hear what the speakers (@CameronU @jounpuu & @trevormeier) had to say.

Twitter was a way to go!

Key points that event attendees posted under #digitalstories hashtag was so good that I decided to share it with you too!

Below are my favorite ones! If you have a business or work as a marketer, please take time to read and think it through.

Are you telling a story or pushing a product? #digitalstories
by @shirleyweir

#digitalstories: new marketing is not selling products, it's giving people things to believe in and helping them be more awesome.
by @gierasimczuk

Marketing tip: work out how you can make other people feel more awesome #digitalstories
by @AdamJones85

Hint: most of media is becoming social. #TruthBomb #DigitalStories

B2B, B2C, WTF. It's people to people. @CameronU @bcaim #DigitalStories
by @JordanEshpeter

All media is social #digitalstories
by @e_r_i_c_j

Story telling with social is different = listening, participating & engaging @cameronu #DigitalStories
by @kat_percy

#DigitalStories: #Marketers, don't do anything unless it improves your audience's life or entertains them. Also, social is implied.
by @gierasimczuk

#digitalstories “you are what you share”….@BCAIM
by @robdaws

#digitalstories: Build your #content to define yourself BUT also to help your audience define themselves
by @gierasimczuk

Brands need a belief strategy. #DigitalStories
by @storytellinc

Video is convenient. And visual. Best pipeline to our brains. @trevormeier #digitalstories #bcaim
by @shirleyweir

“Our job (as marketers) is to provide something worth believing in” – @trevormeier #digitalstories
by @bradyjosephson

If you want people to share you have give them a reason why. What are you helping them with? How are you entertaining them? #digitalstories
by @bradyjosephson

Thank you all for posting your take-aways from the event! So appreciate it! @Ekat_Ra

2 Responses to Main Points from Storytelling in the Digital Age

  1. Katie Drechsel November 23, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    Hi Ekaterina!

    Thanks so much for your post. Sorry you couldn’t attend. We just launched a website with all the videos from the #DigitalStories luncheon. Explore meaning, sharing & consistency w/our speakers from Blast Radius, HootSuite, Domain7 & TELUS ->

    The BCAIM Team

  2. Ekaterina November 26, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Thank you, Katie, for getting back to me. I just watched all videos – happy to hear presentations live!

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