Ladies Who Lunch: Event Review

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Ladies Who Lunch event at the Arbutus Club. The invitation stated to dress to impress with hats and fascinators. Unfortunately, I didn't have a large garden party hat or a fascinator, but my was the room decked out in some beautiful outfits.

ladies who lunch
It was really exciting opportunity to meet with so many bright and engaging women in Vancouver. The event started out with an open networking session to the music of  Karla Sax, who played the saxophone. This was a great opportunity to jumLap in on conversations without judgment. It wasn't awkward at all. Everyone was really inviting. That has always been one of my biggest challenges with attending networking events, how do you enter conversations/groups that are already happening?

Ladies Who Lunch was founded by Maria Kritikos who opened the lunch with an introduction to what Ladies Who Lunch is. I really learned more about it as the event on. Basically a group of collective women in Vancouver who are living their lives fearlessly and pursuing their passions and loves. Maria provided some great insights in how to do this in her introduction.

-Live life on purpose, with a purpose.
-When your why is greater than your fear, that is when you get things done.
-Choose something that doesn't feel like work.
-Play with someone with a little more skill then you, but also play with those who need a little practice too.

Those were some of my favourite quotables from Maria. All great reminders for how to really find your footing in this world. That's a phrase I keep coming back to as I graduated this month, and am embarking into the beginning of my career. (Key to figuring that out? Getting out there and networking!)

Ladies Who Lunch 2

The keynote speaker was Chantelle Adams who is an author and professional speaker based in the Okanagan. She was a really engaging speaker and spoke to really living your life fearlessly. Chantelle offered three tips for how to create change in your life:

1. Challenge it
Take your fear and challenge it. Put on your lawyer hat and build a case against that fear. Prove why it is not true.

2. Change it
Change your relationship with the fear. View it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

3. Practice
Courage takes practice so actively seek opportunities to practice and challenge yourself.

The afternoon was filled with ample opportunity to network with a wide range of industry professional ladies. It was a warm and welcoming environment that helped eased that networking anxiety that can come up. I would definitely recommend checking out the next Ladies Who Lunch event!



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