July Diva Date Night – Event Recap

Ekaterina RamirezEvent Recap by Ekaterina Ramirez

Conscious Divas' event on July 24 was an evening of beauty and candor.

It was my first acquaintance with Diva Date Nights and I was happy to find out that it was not a typical networking event.

It is a place where you come to meet and connect with a community of conscious women. It is a place where you are encouraged to express your authentic self. It is a place where you gather to build a better life for future generations.

The last words might sound fluffy. But that is what I picked up yesterday by listening conversations throughout the event.

The evening was hosted by Lunapads with Madeleine Shaw, Suzanne Siemens, and Nikiah Seeds talking about embracing the beauty and mystery of being a woman – a discussion that many of us didn’t have with our mothers. If you are intrigued what it was about, please check the book Nikiah wrote: Moon Mysteries.

There were sharing, celebrating, connecting, meditating, and … enjoying music.

We had a pleasure to listen to Surya Devi sharing her gift of singing. It touched my whole being. Beautiful voice. Rejuvenating rhythm. Heartfelt words.

While Surya was signing, my thought had been accelerating with music. She has a magical voice that stimulates sluggish thinking. The images of happy future for my family and our planet had been flashing in my mind with clear details.

The song has a power to influence people on a deep level through the voice, rhythm, and words. For example, by listening to songs about unhappiness and pain, we unconsciously create this future for ourselves.

Also songs can help you accelerate the development of bright positive images in your mind about happiness, reciprocal love, and enlightened future. That is the magic of music.

When I was on my way home, I saw a huge moon on the dark sky as gorgeous and mysterious as every woman on our planet. It has been an amazing closing of the evening.

Conscious Divas, thank you for creating this special evening! I am looking forward to the next Diva Date Nights!


Ekaterina | @Ekat-Ra

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