JCI Vancouver Launch Event Recap

If you weren't able to attend the JCI Vancouver launch event On February 21st at the ING Direct Café, here’s what you missed:


  • A room full of young Vancouverites excited to learn more about JCI Vancouver
  • Conversations with an international affairs writer, a Pop Chips Marketing Manager, a third generation JCI Member and many more
  • A presentation on JCI, its mandate worldwide and the vision of JCI Vancouver
  • An introduction to its brand new board of directors.

What is JCI?

JCI is a global community of 18-40 year olds driven to make a difference. Their motto, “Be Better” mirrors their belief that in order to create positive change, you must take collective action to improve yourself and the world around you.

JCI’s presence in Vancouver began in 1932 under the name JCI Lower Mainland. It has now been rebranded as JCI Vancouver and comes with a fresh look and a new, high-energy Board of Directors who are driven by the same passion to create change locally and on a worldwide scale.

Get Involved

With a variety of local and international causes, events and programs, JCI offers opportunities to get involved with and engaged in Business Development, Community Development, Individual Development and International Development

One of the common threads of the night, which was echoed by current JCI Vancouver president, Jillian Walker, is that the Vancouver members are there for the community aspect. Programs planned for Vancouver include: Creative Young Entrepreneur of Vancouver, Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Vancouver, Better Business Plan, Public Speaking Skills Weekend and Entrepreneurial Mastery Seminars

Some of the local initiatives and community partnerships include: A Little More Good, Five Hole For Food, Pink Tank Group and the Union Gospel Mission.

Want to Learn More?

The Power of One is an inspirational video produced by JCI which I found on their website that resonated with one of my personal visions:  to make changes in my life, in my community, in my city, in my country, to the best of my abilities, which can lead to a positive change in the world.

Ibrahim Kamar, (Vice-President, External) shared similar sentiments. When I asked what his top two things about JCI were, he answered, “Networking and giving back to the community.” Love it!

Coming Up

JCI Vancouver has a lot in store and they have extended an open invitation to check out some of their upcoming events. These include: An after-hours social on March 15th and a chapter meeting on March 21st where you will have another opportunity to learn more about their plans and goals for the upcoming year.

Stay tuned to for event details or engages with JCI Vancouver on Twitter and Facebook.

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