How to Take Social Media Networking to New Levels

Making your career or even your side hustle through social media is a move more and more people are making. Becoming a social media “influencer” or creator as it’s more commonly being called, does take a lot of time and effort. For those that are hoping to make money through brand sponsorships the most difficult part is often networking and making connections with real, established companies that fit with a creator's followers and interests.


Every influencer knows they can just direct-message a company and introduce themselves, but that often goes nowhere, at least not quickly. Most companies already have established marketing plans for the next few months, if not the next year. If a social media influencer budget isn’t already in play, this can be a fruitless effort. But still, it’s a worthy investment of time if it’s an organization that an influencer is really interested in working with.


The other thing that creators need to navigate is spam accounts that are actually trying to trick them into buying their products. These are often DM’s sent by “representatives” of a company. While this may seem like a genuine networking opportunity, it’s important to make sure creators do their own research into the company and the actual requirements of their proposition. 


So what’s the best way for influencers to make connections with real companies and brands? This is where technology can help with networking efforts. There are companies, like the locally owned, that are designed to connect influencers with brands. This platform works with companies that are actively seeking creators to partner with and promote their products. Once a connection with a brand has been established, it gives creators a foot in the door to connect with those companies again, often creating lasting partnerships. 


Another benefit of working through a platform like to connect with new companies is the security. As a creator you are guaranteed the compensation outlined in the contract, so you know the companies you’re connecting with are the real deal. Trusting that the companies you are working with are all above board is a luxury in the social media marketing industry and makes a creator's job significantly more stress-free.


Networking is a challenge, but using the resources available to you can make establishing better relationships much easier. Sometimes all it takes is a foot in the door to start a long-lasting and lucrative relationship with a company. Working in social media influencer marketing is still new and uncharted territory for many people and there’s a lot to be learned about networking in this realm. But with a little savvy and insider knowledge, all creators can master social media networking with a reliable platform like


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