How To Network At A Tweet Up – Feature Writer: Katie Jeanes

How To Network At A Tweet Up
Feature Writer: Katie Jeanes
Founder and CEO,  A Little More Good

For those of us on Twitter, Tweet Ups are a great way to meet the people behind their Twitter handles in real life. Usually theyʼre centered around a theme (sports, food, causes), and usually everyone is so busy tweeting that they donʼt actually make any friends in real life.

The cause of this effect, which weʼll call Twawkwardness, is trending. Getting your hashtag to trend on Twitter is the offline equivalent of having Ryan Gosling show up at your party because he heard it would be fun. Itʼs kind of a big deal. People click on it, everyone gets new followers, and with any luck, their Klout score goes up. As such, whenever you get a bunch of Twitterholics in a room together, excessive tweeting with the eventʼs hashtag ensues in an effort to start “trending”. It makes being in the same room together irrelevant and really, everyone could have stayed home.

For your next Tweet Up, here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that you actually meet people in real life.

1. Introduce yourself.
– Go for the handshake, this will require both parties to remove at least one hand from their phone.
– Look them in the eye. To do this youʼll both need to look up from your fancy retina displays and at each otherʼs face.
– Start chatting, good openers include “whatʼs your Twitter handle?” and “what brings you here?”

2. Ask your new acquaintances non-Twitter related questions.
– Twitter is your gateway to a new friend. Now that youʼre together in real life, talk about other things. Examples include: how awful the Grouse Grind is on the way up, the elation you experience at the top of the Grind, the price of housing in Vancouver, the rain, the Canucks and where both of you are originally from.

3. Share an experience.
– If your Tweet Up includes food and/or activities, make sure to eat and/or participate.
You now have something in common with your new friend, which you can remember together at a later time.

4. Make more friends.
– Hopefully there will be more than two people at your tweet up, so itʼs important to include new people in your conversations. If you see someone standing awkwardly outside a circle of people, invite them in and begin once more with Step 1.


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