How to be an Open Networker

Over the last several weeks, I have been to several different events both online and IRL (in real life), and have been thrilled by the increasing exploration and development of the “Open” concept in human interactions. I’m sure that this is not news to you. There is no doubt a growing global trend towards 4 key ideas: Transparency, Sharing, Collaboration, and Community.

So this got me thinking about Networking and how these concepts directly apply to our new connections and relationships.


Being a strong networker starts with being genuine and vulnerable. When approaching relationships with transparency, the results are extraordinary. By identifying early on those relationships that are solidly aligned with your values and interests, you are able to more quickly develop meaningful relationships that will support your success. Without transparency being at the very foundation of your network, you have very little to build on for success going forward.


Once transparency is embraced, it is only natural that sharing will follow because there is greater trust established in the early stages of the relationship. Sharing results in win-win for everyone. If you feel free to safely share ideas, intellectual capital, connections, intentions, goals and dreams, you are much more likely to receive the help you need to achieve your goals more quickly.


If your network knows your values, interests, and goals, it is much easier to identify opportunities to collaborate to enhance results. In Vancouver, we are fortunate to have an abundance of great thinkers, exceptional talent, and extraordinary businesses. Imagine the success of our citizens and what our city could become if we were even more successful at bringing these resources together?


Communities are the gathering of people. Great communities are the result of transparency, sharing, and collaboration. Naturally, as people adopt these practices more readily, our communities will thrive and our people will thrive even more in return. Communities cannot function at a high level without transparency, sharing and collaboration. These are at the very foundation of successful human connection and relationships.

Each of us has a dream. Each of us has unique talents. Each of us can make a difference. But we can’t do it alone. The more we open up and embrace the strengths and talents of others, the more we can develop our own … and rather than struggling our way to success, we can build on our joint foundation and grow to even greater heights together.

The future has got to function differently from the past. There is no doubt that competition is a killer. In the end, it serves only those who squash the skills, talents and dreams of others. Transparency, Sharing, Collaboration and Communities are the foundation for a more successful future for all of us.

And it all starts with your Network.

So the next time you have the opportunity to form a new relationship, or even rejuvenate an old one, think about these concepts and focus on developing a network that fosters success for everyone. If you do that, you will be more successful than you can even imagine. And we will all thank you for it.

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