How Inviting is Your 'Sandbox?'

Imagine yourself as a child, arriving at a playground on a beautiful sunny afternoon. You’re going to be there for a couple of hours and you’ve been looking forward to playing in the sandbox. When you arrive, there are several different sandboxes busting with kids. You are keen to join in. All of them look pretty much the same, but there are a few differences and you know that one of them will be more fun than the others. And in this scenario, once you choose one, you have to stay there for the rest of the afternoon. Which one do you choose? How do you decide?inviting sandbox

This is analogous to the conundrum that your prospects face when they are looking to engage with you. There are a lot of sandboxes out there and yours is only one of them. For the most part, they all look very similar … but you know that they aren't. You know that yours is distinctly different! How do you help your prospects recognize the differences, understand their relevance, and make the best choice?

There are 4 basic themes that your prospects will consider when weighing their options to decide:

1)  Competence:  Are you capable of meeting my needs?

Do you have sufficient experience, proven results, industry respect, and/or specific expertise to show that you are, at the very least, well-equipped to address the issue at hand?

2)  Trust:  Do I have confidence that you’ll meet my expectations and deliver on your promise?

Does your reputation, presentation and your packaging give me confidence that you are committed to high professional standards and engaged in providing great results for your clients?

3)  Experience:  Will I enjoy the experience of working with you?

Are we like-minded? Do we have a good initial rapport? Will this work with you be hassle-free, good value, and generally pleasant? Even better, will we have fun along the way?

4)  Purpose:  How does working with me personally matter to you?

As a potential client, I know that my business will support your infrastructure and put dinner on your table. That part is clear to me; however, beyond paying your bills, why does working with me matter to you? Does a relationship with me have a meaningful impact on your life, and if so, in what way? Once we’ve completed our work together, will you still care about my well-being? If so, why?

This is the most elusive and the most challenging criteria to meet; however, as a professional in a relationship-based business, if you can answer this question, your business is operating at a whole different level than your competitors.


These 4 themes highlight your opportunity to distinguish your offer from others. As you already know, there is an abundance of qualified experts out there. If you want to work with clients who value your work, it ultimately comes down to match and fit.

Make sure you express your unique approach and personality. Help your prospects and clients see that you are the most appropriate choice to help them with their unique needs – if you don’t do it by design, you’re leaving the decision to chance.

By focusing on attracting the right match, and committing to a good fit, you establish the foundation for a longer, more fulfilling relationship … and I have no doubt that it will be mutually-rewarding over time.

What aspects of your business make it the most inviting sandbox in the playground?


To your Success, Differently!


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