Having fun with Networking

Time and time again, we hear ” just be who you are”. Sometimes we wonder really is it that easy? I just have to show up in life as who I am?

I used to go to networking events all tense and worried about what others would think about me. Over time, I begun to realize that the most fun networking events I have gone to are the ones that I just had fun at (yes, networking events can be fun).

Now, before I walk into any networking event, I set my intention of how I want to show up. I decide that I want to have fun, enjoy myself and connect with people who are the best for me to connect with at this event. I know it may sound a little cheesy but really that is how easy it is. It has been working for me thus far so it may be worth a shot on your part.

Other suggestions I have on getting in the mindset right before walking into an event:

  1. Make a list of what you have to offer by being you and read this right before walking in
  2. Remember a time when you felt the world was in the palm of your hand, remember how you felt
  3. Take three deep breaths and say to yourself “I am amazing”
  4. Think of something that had you on the floor laughing
  5. Just walk up to the first person you see, look them in their eyes and introduce yourself

We network all the time, knowingly and unknowingly, now you are just aware of how you are doing it.

Your mission is to go to a networking event in the next week and actually laugh for more than half of it.

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