Fire up your summer! The Fire Starter Sessions, Book Review & inspiration

There is a genre of a certain kind of book that begs to be refiled from ‘Self Help’ into something much more inspiring.  True, there are books out there whose lessons do in fact ‘help you’ to change, be different, develop yourself in specific, measurable ways, and more.  Let’s keep those books in their category.  The shift that I am proposing is to find a new genre title for the kind of book that you begin to read and find yourself being drawn into – where each offering of juicy content makes you squirm in your chair from a pleasant ‘I can do that’ discomfort; where each quote that is shared give you a ‘tell it, sister!’ thought; and in which you find yourself…..literally – where you see yourself standing in a space of utter and complete possibility for every single ounce of awesome that you want to create being at your fingertips.

The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms by Danielle LaPorte is one such book that ‘self help’ just does not even begin to describe.  This 327 page book of inspiration, dedication, telling-it-like-it-is, and introspective questions provokes the reader to look at how they define personal success, and session by session, provides you with tools to elevate, elevate, elevate what you know to be your personal brand by truly living into your strengths and your passions.

In my jumping into this firey hardcover, I had NO concept or expectation of the immersed self-study I was about to embark on.  Shifted?  I am.  Excited as anything to live a fully expressed JESS? Totally.

The ‘sessions’ are divided into three parts: Mojo, Moxie, and Results.  It all begins by looking into your ‘real you’ and the things that make you innately awesome – and is also the starting point of a journey into some of the most honest and loving coaching around how to make the simmering coals of #lifelove come alive.  From there, you are guided through a deep dive into what it takes, what one needs to address, and where getting clear on what you want and what you value to live into the most real you possible.  And REALLY real.  The book touches on everything from who you surround yourself with (your Experts), how you view and value money (and how you value yourself through money….not an easy conversation to hold with yourself, I tell ya), creativity, desire, choice, and taking leaps of faith (with other steps, realizations, mind-bursts and more along the way). The outcome? The feeling of a passion-flame burning from a deeply rooted, knowing-what-I-want and willing to make it happen place.  And ohhhh, child! – it’s a good thing.

I propose that offerings like those of Danielle LaPorte (who also contributes to satisfying a daily need for real-time truth bombs through ) be de-shelved from the ‘self help’ titling.  Perhaps the new genre is ‘self love’, ‘self stoked’, or ‘I’m awesome and taking on the world’.  And maybe it’s an unwritten understanding that coming across content like this, and the inspiration it leaves you reveling in, you know you are more than just helping yourself – you are elevating your capacity to inspire and impact the people in your immediate, city wide, national and global communities by living and breathing your most-real self – and lighting fires of personal truths along the way.  No big deal, really….right?

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