Feeling Successful Requires That You Pursue 'Success, Differently'

Success is a mass marketed achievement. It is the way our culture has come to describe the tangible circumstances that culminate into the story of our lives. And in an increasingly commoditized world, your challenge is to create Success, Differently.

One very simple word captures our attention. And yet, as simple as it seems, “success” is multi-faceted and incredibly complicated!


To start, regardless of how it is defined, how you experience success is very personal and individual. Despite what others think of you, or how they assess your success, you only truly feel successful when your personal circumstances align with your unique goals, values, and beliefs.

When it really comes down to it, the only opinion about your personal success that really matters is your own. And to complicate things even further, your opinion is formed through your emotional filter … not through any rational or analytic assessment that quantifies it for you.

You have to feel it. No amount of trappings, accolades or measurable achievements will make you believe you are successful if you don’t feel successful at your core. Plenty of industry magnates and celebrities have proven this to us time and time again, and I have no doubt that there are countless stories in your own life that would support this as well.

That’s why we promote “Success, Differently”. The path to feeling successful is not “success, the same as everyone else!” You can’t follow in someone else’s footsteps, replicate their successes, and chase after the dreams of your idols and expect to feel successful in your own view. It doesn’t work that way.

It’s true that others may honour and celebrate your successes … but it will be because your success encapsulates what they value. But if you don’t value what makes you ‘successful’, honour what you’ve done, or believe that your contributions are purposeful or meaningful, then your work won’t have the same impact on your own perspective of your success. This type of ‘copycat success’ tends to land flat, leaving you feeling empty.

Your success is unique to you. You have the power and the freedom to define it, sculpt it and refine it according to your own values.

Your business is no different. It must have a value set of its own to thrive and support you to experience sustained and fulfilling success.

How is your business embodying these principles of Success, Differently?

Let us know when you’re ready to define and achieve success on your own terms. That’s what we do for our clients!

Until next time, to your success, differently!

      – Michèle

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  1. Edward June 8, 2016 at 11:39 pm #

    It is definitely true, the success is unique to you. And you have the power and the freedom to define it, sculpt it and refine it according to your own values. Thank you for sharing this. I really learned reading this article.

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