Intro to Data Science

November 21, 2018 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

BrainStation Vancouver

1110 Hamilton Street

Looking to tackle big data challenges? Experience what learning Data Science at BrainStation is all about.

This workshop will provide you with a fundamental understanding of what Data Science consists of. You'll familiarize yourself with various tools that Data Scientists use on a daily basis, as well as gain insight towards emerging practices in the field. We'll break down the significance of the field and explain how it differentiates itself from other Data practices.

The workshop will close with a hands-on exercise allowing you to apply and contextualize some of the practices and tools used to draw insights from data. Please remember to bring a charged laptop to the workshop as outlet space is limited.

Topics of Discussion:

– The significance of Data Science
– Data Science's large-scale applications
– Emerging tools and practices in the industry
– How to understand the big data problem
– Importance of data structures and data models

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