ESCAPING YOUR CAREER PLATEAU: Perfectionism, Risk, and What’s Actually in the Way

April 17, 2018 5:00 pm

Fasken Martineau

550 Burrard St, Suite 2900

604 631 4820

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    The Professional Women's Network

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    Dani Bryant

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Research shows that women are held to higher standards in their work leading up to promotions. While career progression requires high-quality work, the stringent standards women must meet to be considered for promotion can lead to perfectionist behaviour. This very behaviour is then often identified as showing lack of leadership acumen, creating a career-stalling catch-22 for ambitious women.

 This talk aims to give women a look at how their working lives are affected by the complex forces surrounding promotions, quality work, perfectionism, and risk. We’ll cover:

  • What perfectionism is & how it shows up in your work
  • The relationship between risk, perfectionism & gender
  • How ambitious women subtly undermine their own career progress
  • What's really at play when our careers stall — and what to do next

The goal of this talk is to help you get at the deeper reasons for your career-limiting behaviours so you can keep your career moving forward.

About our speaker, Holly Burton:


Holly is a leadership coach for women in male-dominated industries. She works one-on-one with ambitious women to help them lead, get promoted, and create the careers they actually want in industries they love.

As a mining engineer for the first ten years of her career, Holly was exposed to one of the most male-dominated spaces  — just 17% female. She uses the unique perspective she gained as a woman in mining, alongside her obsessive nerdiness for all things feminism, leadership, and career to help women create the working world they deserve while they wait for the rest of society to catch up.

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