15th World Nutrition & Food Science Virtual Conference

June 3, 2021 8:00 am

Delta Hotel

4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC


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    641 Woodlake Drive

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    Utilitarian Conferences Gathering

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    Dr. Pascal Annie

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The 15th World Nutrition & Food Science Virtual Conferences (NutritionVirtual2021) is held under the umbrella of UCGConferences on June 3-4, 2021, on a fully virtual platform and placed under the theme of “Empowering Nutrition through the Lifecycle & nurturing the Food Science.” Chairing by ~Ms. Manjari Chandra. 

NutritionVirtual2021 is aimed to bringing together Nutritionists, Health Care Providers, Physicians, Dietitians, Diabetologist, Nurses & Students, hospital executive chefs, health coaches, those dedicated to empowering clients and patients with the ultimate from all over the world. The one-day nutrition virtual conference will include keynote lectures, speaker session, poster session, panel discussion, workshops, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities with almost 20+ speakers from around the world presenting on topics including Nutrition and Disease, Prebiotics and Probiotics, Sustainability, Nutrition, and Food Security, Obesity, ICU Nutrition Support, Macro, and Micro Nutrients and Health, Nutrition and Ageing, etc.

We will not meet in person due to the Coronavirus pandemic; we are delighted that we will have the chance to continue the best aspects through an enhanced and interactive online program.

Objectives of NutritionVirtual2021;
Participants should be able to;

  • Define nutritional requirements.
  • Describe specific nutritional problems faced.
  • Identify approaches to addressing the nutritional.
  • 2 Day of Connecting Virtually and presenting your research work.

Since its inception, Nutrition Virtual has provided a community setting for participation by a wide range of organizations with an interest in the obesity space.

The NutritionVirtual2021 endeavors to create a program that highlights the newest information, innovations, and the opportunity to highlight their research work through presentation and abstract submission. We have the awards categories such as best presentation, best poster, best informative session, and best keynote presentation for their efforts to provide innovative research and presentations.


Conference Key Sessions:

Paediatric and Maternal Nutrition | Nutrition in Genomics | Cardiovascular Nutrition | Macro and Micro Nutrients and Health | Cancer nutrition | Nutrition and Ageing | Diabetes | Nutrition and Disease Mechanisms | Obesity | ICU Nutrition Support | Nutrition and Disease | Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition | Gut Health and Microbiota | Prebiotics and Probiotics | Nutrition and Physical Performance | Advanced Nutritional Technology | Pulmonary diseases | Sustainability, Nutrition and Food Security | Renal Diseases | Nutrition Support in Neurological Disorders | Public Health Nutrition |Clinical Nutrition | Nutritional Physiology | New technology in nutrition research and practice

Conference Benefits:

Get continuing medical education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Participate in professional networking
Collect material for personal knowledge
Meet with specific company representatives
Enjoy sessions & entertainment
Participation Certificate
Present your ideas and work to others
Opportunity to hear from and interact with leaders in your field
Adds Value to your CV
Conferences engage thousands of keynote speakers, speakers, delegates, practitioners, and students.

Important Information:
Conference Name:
15th World Nutrition & Food Science Virtual Conference
Short Name:
June 3-4, 2021
Venue: Online

Call Us/WhatsApp Us: +12076890407/+442033222718

Target Audience: CTOs, VPs, Directors, Senior Managers, Scientists, Doctors, Chief officers, Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Diabetes advocates, Educators, Dietitian, Nutritionists, Professors, Diabetes and nutrition Experts, Diabetic Patients.


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