Event Review: Internet Masterminds Meetup

New to the world of sales, I was unsure of what to expect from the Internet Mastermind’s Meetup on How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Big Ticket Items, with Bill Hugall. In all honesty I was half-expecting to walk into a room full of intimidating professionals, with whom I’d have nothing in common.

Instead, I found a refreshing and eclectic mix of individuals from varying professional backgrounds, all of whom were entirely approachable. Some were regulars to this meetup, while others (like myself) were there to test the waters and learn a bit of digital 101 in the realm of sales. Many were there to learn how to better represent their fledgling brands, which ranged from a hot sauce company, to holistic nutrition, to the art of firing people. Eclectic to say the least. And while Hugall’s talk definitely included technical jargon(think tracking pixels and squeeze pages), it was very much geared towards the basics. The world of digital sales, specifically through the medium of Facebook advertising, was broken down in a way that was accessible to not only the aspiring entrepreneurs in the room, but myself as well. As a self-proclaimed man of the basics, Hugall did a good job of relaying his experience and expertise, while remaining on the same page as his audience.

I was also surprised to find that the overarching theme of the talk had to do more with self-branding as a way of connecting with your customers than it did with the singular goal of padding your pockets. Hugall used the example of his own personal advertising as a tool to demonstrate to us that while you need to have an expertise in what you’re selling, you also need to connect with the people you’re trying to transact with. The best ad Hugall says he ever posted was simply an image of himself yelling in a grey sweatshirt. While I never totally understood how the yelling aligned with his brand, I do understand the simplicity in mirroring a frustration your customer is feeling as a way of connecting and creating a foundation that preempts any transaction.IM NIV Photo

Exemplifying this mentality, Hugall advised us that before any sales call it’s important to take three deep breaths and remind yourself that the conversation you are about to have must be oriented towards the customer’s needs before it is about making a monetary transaction to your own benefit. In short, he advised that it’s about the customer, not your pocket.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my inaugural experience with the Internet Masterminds. I enjoyed that it was very much an authentic environment geared towards growth (be it personal, business, or otherwise) rather than just “selling”. I am intrigued to see what a trip back to the next installment of this Meetup has to offer.

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