Event Recap: “Classroom to Boardroom” – Young Women in Business (YWiB)

Last month, I attended “Classroom to Boardroom” thanks to an invite from a very good friend and former colleague Sally Lee. Sally is an SFU BA grad with additional BCIT certifications currently sitting as Social Media Coordinator on YWiB Vancouver executive team.


YWiB (Young Women in Business) connects young women with skills & support to achieve success on their own terms & become engaged members in their communities.


In collaboration with Microsoft, I was very excited for this event. Barb Berg, Director of Western Public Sector at Microsoft would be sharing some insight and best of all, the event would take place at Microsoft office. I love when events take place at an office because the design, spacing and infrastructure of an office can say very much about the culture of an organization.


My former colleague Carmen Tsang from Lighthouse Labs was a guest speaker who shared some insightful HR and recruitment tips.


An excellent tip she gave us was to look up company trends and press releases before an interview. She also had us mingle and discuss some unusual interview questions that caught us off guard.


“What would the person who likes you the least say about you?” was an example.


Carmen stated this question was intended for the interviewer to understand how well you take constructive feedback and how you work on your weaknesses.  She suggested when discussing weaknesses to pick something irrelevant to your role and tell your interview how you are working on it.


Carmen also had us pair up for a role-playing scenario in which we would choose a role (interviewer or recruiter) and play off a job posting and script she had written for us. I was paired with Kate Palamarchuk,  a student at BCIT with a lot of work experience, particularly in sales.


When I asked her “Who do you admire?”, she replied with an incredible response of Coco Chanel. Kate admired Chanel’s empire that she had built from ground up with eloquence, dedication and backbone. I had talked to Kate for only a few minutes but hearing this answer, I already understood her values and goals.


Throughout the night, I also met Julia Balmer, an SFU student and Kelly Choi,  a YWiB Executive Team member. We had meaning conversations about leveraging strengths, Vancouver’s job market and other organizations we want to get involved with.


Overall, I had an incredible night thanks to Microsoft, Carmen and YWiB. What I really enjoyed was the mixed crowd of professionals, recent graduates and students. I felt that anyone, regardless of their career stage would have really enjoyed this event and I look forward to more events with this incredible team.


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