That Was Easy!?

Have you found reaching your current level in your career was easy?  Some may say yes, but for most individuals the answer will be a big whopping NO!

thatwaseasyWhile we want to continue growing our careers, whether that is gaining more responsibility or transitioning into a new role, we can be impatient and easily frustrated. I personally am waiting to push the ‘that was easy’ button.

It should come as no surprise that you have to work hard and be patient for what you want next. Personally, I want to improve my writing and I enjoy it (case and point by writing this article and a few others). By doing so I am working on my career transition in my free time and suggest you do the same to help with your own transition or growth.

Here are a few steps to start a side project to help with your career ambitions:

  1. Think about what you really enjoy doing. For example this could be fitness, giving advice, writing, shopping for clothes, coming up with marketing campaigns, etc. If you have multiple things, just choose one to start. Remember this is what you will be spending your spare time on so make sure you really like it!
  2. Brainstorm how you can create “proof” that you are doing this activity. Let’s pretend you really enjoy fitness, consider looking into a personal training certificate or starting a running group on or with friends to demonstrate that you are practising what you preach.
  3. Now that you thought about multiple ways to implement your idea, tell your network. You never know who can help you along the way or vice versa. In addition this will hold you more accountable to sticking with your actions.
  4. Create a schedule; make sure you practising your selected passion at least once a week to start. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. In time, you will build a following and discover more opportunities as people will associate you with that speciality.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishments. You have committed to something you enjoy doing and you are taking time for self-improvement and are helping people along the way, that is a huge feat!

Whether or not you believe it your side project demonstrates to everyone that you have a wide variety of skills – organizing a running group or studying for your personal training certificate requires time management, organization, project management skills and more. Pursuing a passion and implementing a plan to execute will help land you the right job or promotion you want.

So put away the ‘that was easy’ button and get to work on your passions.

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